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Frederik Bock-Madsens anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Stillborn (SE) Netherworlds 5/10
Crocell Of Frost, Of Flame, Of Flesh 3/10
Arch Enemy Burning Bridges 8/10
Altar of Oblivion In The Cesspit Of Divine Decay 8/10
Portrait The Host 4/10
Orion Child Aesthesis 6/10
Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2 8/10
MILE A Shattered Mind 8/10
Sunburst Manifesto 6/10
Shamash (MY) Done With Misery 4/10
Bloodorn Let The Fury Rise 3/10
Kerry King From Hell I Rise 4/10
Gatecreeper Dark Superstition 8/10
Bat Under The Crooked Claw 8/10
Accept Humanoid 6/10
Deicide Banished By Sin 5/10
Spit On Your Grave Arkanum 6/10
The Monolith Deathcult The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men 5/10
Loch Vostok Opus Ferox II - Mark of the Beast 3/10
Hiraes Dormant 6/10
Fall Of Serenity Open Wide, O Hell 6/10
Necrophobic In the Twilight Grey 9/10
Aborted Vault Of Horrors 8/10
Vicinity VIII 6/10
Ashes of Billy Obscene 8/10
LEAH The Glory and the Fallen 8/10
Eternal Storm A Giant Bound to Fall 6/10
Amorphis Tuonela 6/10
Hearts & Hand Grenades Where I Begin 5/10
Exocrine Legend 4/10
Manticora Mycelium 6/10
Advocacy The Path Of Decoherence 9/10
South Of Sundays Honey Tongue 3/10
Suspect Hostile The Nameless 7/10
Therion Leviathan III 3/10
Ne Obliviscaris Exul 7/10
SIX FOOT SIX Beggar's Hill 2/10
Skiltron Bruadarach 7/10
Idaslet Nu Skrider Dagen Under 5/10
Bjørkø Heartrot 4/10
Frozen Soul Glacial Domination 8/10
Eldritch Innervoid 5/10
Insomnium Songs Of The Dusk 5/10
Caregah Osmium 5/10
Miara Hungering Inside 3/10
Night Crowned Tales 8/10
Angra Cycles Of Pain 6/10
Endarken Post Mortem 6/10
Ghosts of Atlantis Riddles of the Sycophants 6/10
Ronnie Atkins Trinity 8/10
Solemn Vision Despite the Rise of the Sun 7/10
KK's Priest The Sinner Rides Again 9/10
Kaiju K2 8/10
Black Stone Cherry Screamin' At The Sky 3/10
Mercenary Soundtrack To The End Times 8/10
Gory Blister Reborn from Hatred 6/10
Bloody Dice Bloody Dice 6/10
Grand Cadaver Deities of Deathlike Sleep 8/10
Terminalist The Crisis as Condition 9/10
Primal Fear Code Red 4/10
Exmortus Necrophony 8/10
Winterage Nekyia 7/10
Fires in the Distance Air Not Meant for Us 10/10
Kataklysm Goliath 8/10
Liv Sin KaliYuga 6/10
The Raven Age Blood Omen 8/10
Mystfall Celestial Vision 8/10
Withering Scorn Prophets Of Demise 8/10
Before The Dawn Stormbringers 7/10
Altar of Oblivion Burning Memories 5/10
Eleine We Shall Remain 6/10
Demolizer Post Necrotic Human 5/10
The Arcane Order Distortions From Cosmogony 9/10
Scar Symmetry The Singularity Phase II - Xenotaph 7/10
Elegant Weapons Horns For A Halo 7/10
Deathstars Everything Destroys You 10/10
Tygers of Pan Tang Bloodlines 8/10
Mélancolia HissThroughRottenTeeth 7/10
Late Night Venture V: Bones Of The Extinct 8/10
Ad Infinitum Chapter lll - Downfall 5/10
Kamelot The Awakening 8/10
Hanging Garden The Garden 9/10
HateSphere Hatred Reborn 5/10
Excalion Once Upon a Time 6/10
Godsmack Lighting Up The Sky 7/10
Exelerate Exelerate 7/10
Icestorm The Northern Crusades 7/10
In Flames Foregone 6/10
Katatonia Sky Void of Stars 7/10
Third Eye Vengeance Fulfilled 6/10
Rexoria Imperial Dawn 5/10
Hollow Hour Till The Grey Skies Are Gone 8/10
Atrocity Okkult III 8/10
Beyond The Black Beyond The Black 7/10
Maceration It Never Ends... 8/10
Crown The Beast Spawn of Tomorrow 7/10
League of Distortion League of Distortion 5/10
-(16)- Into Dust 7/10
Detraktor Full Body Stomp 5/10
Candlemass Sweet Evil Sun 7/10
Wolfheart King of the North 6/10
Nicklas Sonne Resonance 7/10
Epica The Alchemy Project 8/10
Slaughter the Giant Depravity 7/10
Therion Leviathan II 6/10
Alter Bridge Pawns & Kings 8/10
Silver Phantom Crimson Cabaret 4/10
Soulfly Totem 7/10
Nordic Union Animalistic 6/10
Grave Digger Symbol of Eternity 6/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Frederik Bock-Madsen: 6,4

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