Metal Magic Festival

7000 Fredericia

Kommende arrangementer

Dato Koncert
- Metal Magic Festival 2021: Denial Of God, Wokeh, Afsky, Illdisposed, Nigrum, Nervegas, Turbocharged, Gabestok, Sodomizer, Withering Surface, Shaam Larein, Helvetets Port, Crocell, Ultra Silvam, Infest, WORLD WAR 5

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
- Metal Magic Festival 2019: Chevalier, Deiquisitor, Medieval Steel, Black Oath, Vulture, Source, Deus Otiosus, Tongues, NyreDolk, Slægt, Demon Head, Tormentor, Hyperdontia, Outline, Impetuous Ritual, Armory, Ascended Dead, SPEkTR, Sunken, Ved Buens Ende, Angel Witch, Dark Sky Choir, Phrenelith, The Rite, Alucarda, Silhouette, Tainted Lady, Deadflesh, Shadow Storm, Völva, Killing Læs reportage

Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
- Metal Magic Festival 2020: Denial Of God, Blaze Bayley, Denner's Inferno, Death SS, Macabre, Slough Feg, The Rise Of Mictlan, Infest, Helvetets Port, Absolva, Ond Tro, Wokeh, Discipel, Heathen, Afsky, Stormtroopers of Love, Crocell, Sodomizer, Ultra Silvam, Shaam Larein, Gabestok, Withering Surface, Sardonic Death, WORLD WAR 5, Drukner, Ascendency (DK) Aflyst
- Metal Magic Festival 2018: I Am Morbid, Dead Kosmonaut, Satan Worship, Thorium, Encyrcle, Satan's Fall, Faanefjell, Gespenst, Seed of Heresy, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Master's Hammer, Pagan Altar, Anal Vomit, Alien Force, War of Destruction, Obnoxious Youth, Caustic, Grusom, Rock Goddess, Count Raven, Deathhammer, Hands of Orlac, Horned Almighty, Altar of Oblivion, Metal Cross, FIN, Woebegone Obscured, Taphos, Konvent, Dead Void, Filthgrave
- Nifelheim, Tribulation, Absu, Diamond Head, Quartz, Artillery, Beheaded, Attic, Witch Cross, Venefixion, Childrenn, Assassins Blade, Wasted, Lipid, Turbocharged, Hellsodomy, Silhouette, Death Rides a Horse, Steel Inferno, Engulfed, Vomit Angel, Ligfærd, Hadron, The Tombless, Scent Of Pain, ORM
Morbosidad, Demonomncy, Peucharist
- Metal Magic Festival 2016: Uli Jon Roth, Manilla Road, In The Woods, Destroyer 666, Denial Of God, Iron Angel, Deathriders, Aosoth, Dread Sovereign, Spekter, In Aternum, MIDNIGHT PRIEST, Caronte, Magister Templi, Iron Lamb, Amulet, Zom, Toledo Steel, Infest, Vircolac, Encyrcle, Grusom, Lucifericon, Stereo Nasty, The Petulant, Teuton, Nachash, Ironguard, Tainted Lady, Fire And Steel, Touch Of Judas, Denner/Shermann