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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Azure Emote The Gravity Of Impermanence 3/10
Hacride Back To Where You've Never Been 5/10
Six Reasons to Kill We Are Ghosts 4/10
Bud Tribe Eye of the Storm 3/10
AHAB The Giant 7/10
Moonless Calling All Demons 6/10
Screamer Phoenix 3/10
Overthrow Adjust To Darkness 5/10
Riverside Shrine Of New Generation Slaves 7/10
Bust A Move Theres No Place Like Home 5/10
Dark Sky Initium 3/10
Love.Might.Kill 2 Big 2 Fail 3/10
Spheric Universe Experience The New Eve 4/10
Satanic Bloodspraying At The Mercy Of Satan 3/10
Destinity Resolve In Crimson 6/10
Sylosis Monolith 5/10
Ektomorf Black Flag 5/10
Gypsyhawk Revelry & Resilience 5/10
Vision of Disorder The Cursed Remain Cursed 7/10
Sybreed God is an Automaton 4/10
Gaskin Edge of Madness 2/10
Daniele Liverani Eleven Mysteries 5/10
Tankard A Girl Called Cerveza 4/10
Dew-Scented Icarus 5/10
Merrimack The Acausal Mass 6/10
Headspace I Am Anonymous 6/10
Hexen Being And Nothingness 4/10
Cattle Decapitation Monolith of Inhumanity 5/10
Spineshank Anger Denial Acceptance 7/10
Soulfly Enslaved 6/10
Beneath The Massacre Incongruous 5/10
Soulline We Curse, We Trust 5/10
Stella Blackrose Death & Forever 5/10
Job For A Cowboy Demonocracy 5/10
Gorod A Perfect Absolution 8/10
Epica Requiem For The Indifferent 3/10
Rêverie Wandel 3/10
Biohazard Reborn In Defiance 7/10
Lay Down Rotten Mask Of Malice 5/10
The Safety Fire Grind the Ocean 7/10
Sangre Eterna Asphyxia 5/10
Hardcore Superstar The Party Ain't Over 'Til We Say So 5/10
Confession The Long Way Home 4/10
Today Forever Relationshipwrecks 5/10
Dying Humanity Living On The Razor's Edge 5/10
Coldworker The Doomsayer's Call 6/10
Hypocrisy Hell Over Sofia 6/10
Junius Reports from the Threshold of Death 6/10
Cipher System Communicate The Storms 5/10
Behemoth Demonica (2CD Re-Issue) 3/10
Nightrage Insidious 6/10
Def Leppard Mirror Ball 6/10
The Rotted Ad Nauseam 5/10
Rising To Solemn Ash 7/10
Funeral for a Friend Welcome Home Armageddon! 6/10
Absu Abzu 9/10
Textures Dualism 6/10
Glorior Belli The Great Southern Darkness 8/10
This Or The Apocalypse Haunt What's Left 4/10
Crystal Viper Defenders Of The Magic Circle: Live In Germany 3/10
All Shall Perish This Is Where It Ends 6/10
Sepultura Kairos 4/10
In Flames Sounds Of A Playground Fading 6/10
Supreme Pain Divine Incarnation 6/10
Caliban Coverfield 5/10
Sylosis Edge Of The Earth 5/10
Diamond Drive Reset-Press-Play 6/10
REV 16:8 Ashlands 5/10
We Are The Damned Holy Beast 5/10
Ruled By Reason The Dawning of Dystopia 5/10
Suidakra Book Of Dowth 6/10
Hour of 13 The Ritualist 5/10
The Haunted Unseen 8/10
Darkest Hour The Human Romance 5/10
Supercharger That's How We Roll 7/10
Legal Hate Forlorn 2/10
Voodoo Circle Broken Heart Syndrome 4/10
Dalriada Ígéret 3/10
At The Soundawn Shifting 7/10
Anacrusis Hindsight 6/10
King's X Live Love in London 6/10
Destinity XI Reasons to See 6/10
The New Black II: Better In Black 5/10
Architects The Here and Now 7/10
Malrun Beauty in Chaos 7/10
Distant Past Alpha Draconis 4/10
The Acacia Strain Death Is The Only Mortal 4/10
Facebreaker Infected 4/10
Grand Magus Hammer of the North 6/10
Sonic Syndicate We Rule The Night 3/10
Evocation Apocalyptic 5/10
Forbidden OmegaWave 8/10
Ill Niño Dead New World 5/10
Filter The Trouble with Angels 9/10
Korn Remember Who You Are 6/10
Alter Bridge AB III 7/10
Monster Magnet Mastermind 5/10
Death Angel Relentless Retribution 7/10
Sully Erna Avalon 5/10
Melechesh The Epigenesis 8/10
Accept Blood of the Nations 4/10
Dimmu Borgir Abrahadabra 9/10
Black Label Society Order of the Black 7/10
My Dying Bride The Angel & The Dark River [Re-release] 7/10
Landmine Marathon Sovereign Descent 4/10
Slash Slash 8/10
Y & T Facemelter 4/10
Disbelief Heal 3/10
Salem Playing God And Other Short Stories 4/10
Black River Black'n'roll 7/10
Thor S. Riis Prog'n'Roll 3/10
In Mourning Monolith 6/10
Doomdogs Doomdogs 5/10
Syn:Drom With Flesh Unbound 5/10
Pro-Pain Absolute Power 6/10
Lost Soul Immerse In Infinity [Ltd-Edition] 8/10
Masachist Death March Fury [Ltd-Edition] 7/10
Carach Angren Death Came Through A Phantom Ship 7/10
Tesla Alive in Europe 5/10
The Foreshadowing Oionos 5/10
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe 2 4/10
Cathedral The Guessing Game 6/10
Metallica Français Pour Une Nuit 8/10
Beneath The Massacre Dystopia 5/10
Sick Of It All Based On A True Story 7/10
Myrath Desert Call 7/10
Through The Eyes Of The Dead Skepsis 6/10
Ironwood :Fire:Water:Ash 5/10
Dark Tranquillity We Are The Void 6/10
Soul Doctor Way Back To The Bone 3/10
Cloudscape Global Drama 5/10
Andromeda The Immunity Zone 4/10
My Dying Bride Bring Me Victory 6/10
All Trays For Venom [ingen titel] 5/10
Atreyu Congregation of the Damned 5/10
Baroness Blue Record 6/10
Katatonia Night Is the New Day 7/10
Starrats Screw The Consequences 5/10
Throwdown Deathless 7/10
Annotations Of An Autopsy The Reign Of Darkness 6/10
Mnemic Sons Of The System 8/10
Status Minor Dialog 4/10
Vendetta Heretic Nation 3/10
Animals as Leaders Animals As Leaders 4/10
Infinity Overture Kingdom of Utopia 4/10
Twinspirits The Forbidden City 4/10
Suicidal Angels Sanctify The Darkness 5/10
Sybreed The Pulse of Awakening 6/10
Fall of Efrafa Inlé 9/10
Pitbull Terrorist C.I.A. 4/10
Merrimack Grey Rigorism 5/10
Future is Tomorrow Fit to Die 6/10
Milking The Goatmachine Back From The Goats 3/10
Darzamat Solfernus Path 4/10
Hiems Worship or Die 8/10
Sacred Steel Carnage Victory 4/10
Immortal All Shall Fall 7/10
The Red Shore Unconsecrated 4/10
Threat Signal Vigilance 5/10
Griftegård Solemn. Sacred.Severe 6/10
The Ruins Of Beverast Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite 4/10
The Devils Blood The Time Of No Time Evermore 3/10
White Wizzard High Speed GTO 4/10

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