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Rolf Meldgaards anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Mr. Bungle California 7/10
Hamferð Men Guðs hond er sterk 8/10
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory EP 7/10
Kollapse AR 9/10
Kōya Fragments 8/10
Vægtløs Aftryk 9/10
Lifesick Love and Other Lies 8/10
Dusk Dissolve Into Ash 5/10
Violet Cold Multiverse 7/10
Night Verses Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part One 8/10
Temic Terror Management Theory 7/10
Blue Sky Research Dawn of Decay 6/10
Heksproces Ligblomst 6/10
Suffocation Hymns from the Apocrypha 6/10
Spiritual Anchor Spiritual Anchor 7/10
Puddle of Mudd Ubiquitous 2/10
Svalbard The Weight Of The Mask 7/10
Furia Huta Luna 2/10
Carnifex Necromanteum 7/10
TesseracT War Of Being 9/10
ÊTRE II: Humane 8/10
Henret Abandon Hope 7/10
Great Cold Emptiness Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph 8/10
Mutoid Man Mutants 8/10
Truth Untold Omittance 6/10
Chokeholder Ill Will 7/10
Riyah Ripped Jeans 5/10
A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man Days Gone By 4/10
The Ocean Holocene 9/10
Grave Pleasures Plagueboys 7/10
Riverhead Cancer 7/10
LOS Galdrablót 6/10
TELOS Delude 9/10
Unseen Faith Prodigal Sons 8/10
Periphery Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre 6/10
Bizarrekult Den Tapte Krigen 8/10
Distant Heritage 5/10
Host IX 8/10
Aphyxion Ad Astra 8/10
Sansera Funeral for a Broken Mind 6/10
For I Am King Crown 7/10
SYL Alt Godt 8/10
Strychnos A Mother's Curse 6/10
Udånde Slow Death - A Celebration of Self-Hatred 7/10
Oceans Hell Is Where The Heart Is 4/10
Disturbed Divisive 2/10
The Interbeing Icon of the Hopeless 6/10
Thy Listless Heart Pilgrims on the Path of no Return 6/10
Kardashev Liminal Rite 8/10
Dirt Forge Interspheral 9/10
Brutus (BE) Unison Life 10/10
Birds in Row Gris Klein 8/10
Cabal Magno Interitus 7/10
Danefae Tro 8/10
Bloodbath Survival Of The Sickest 8/10
Heilung Drif 7/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Rolf Meldgaard: 6,9

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