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Dato Koncert
Auralist, Hearteater

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Dato Koncert
Redwolves, FooN, KULK
GoatHawkBuffalo, Silent Fracture, Loud 'N' Rowdy
Shadowspawn, KillerDay, Michael Ellis
Among Phantoms, Murder Among Kings
VOLA, Arch Echo, Rendezvous Point
Deadnate, CRYOSPHERE, Beneath The Silence
A Road To Damascus, Royal Mob, Ingen Regler
Deterium, Under The Bunker, Hollow Point
Crazy Town, CRYOSPHERE, Walking Rumor
MudMusic Showcase 2019: Fennec on Fire, Crown The Beast, Halcyon Hope
Sunless Dawn, Hanging The Nihilist
Wolves Among Us, Beneath The Silence, Between Oceans, Auralist
Kaiju, Diretone, Gods Among Machines
Everything is Terrible
A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man