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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Law Found Guilt Me Decade 5/10
A Place To Bury Strangers Exploding Head 6/10
Scarred by Beauty We Swim 7/10
Selah [titel] 7/10
Ragestorm The Passion 5/10
For Selena And Sin Primrose Path 6/10
Seventh Angel The Dust Of Years 7/10
Nine-T-Nine Keep The Flame Alive 6/10
Alkonost Put' Neprojdennyj 7/10
Switchblade S / T 8/10
Hero Immortal 2/10
Earn Your Scars The World is Yours 6/10
Prime Circle All or Nothing 6/10
Dawn Of Tears Dark Chamber Litanies 8/10
Parallel Or 90 Degrees A Can Of Worms 8/10
Last Warning Throughout Time 5/10
Bullet Train Blast Second Chance 7/10
Takara Invitation To Forever 7/10
Tombs Winter Hours 5/10
Zombi Spirit Animal 2/10
Daedalus The Never Ending Illusion 4/10
Sideburn Cherry Red 7/10
The Interbeing Perceptual Confusion 7/10
Randy Piper's Animal Virus 7/10
Ibogaine React 6/10
Voodoo Six First Hit For Free 8/10
Krisiun Southern Storm 8/10
Eternal Lord Blessed Be This Nightmare 5/10
Averse Sefira Advent Parallax 6/10
Emergency Gate Nightly Ray 6/10
Figure Of Six Aion 7/10
Jenx Fuseless 7/10
Hollenthon Opus Magnum 9/10
Ekotren Light The Fire 3/10
The Cursed Room Full Of Sinners 6/10
Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying 8/10
Trelldom Til Minne... 6/10
Akoma Lost Forest 6/10
Pantheon I The Wanderer And His Shadow 7/10
Turisas The Varangian Way 7/10
Nightrage A New Disease Is Born 5/10
Paul Di'Anno The Classics: The Maiden Years 3/10
7thorns Glow Of Dawn 6/10
Compos Mentis Gehennesis 8/10
Gwynbleidd Amaranthine 8/10
Blackhorned Dawn Of Doom 6/10
Throne Of Katarsis An Eternal Dark Horizon 5/10
Excalion Waterlines 6/10
Gavin Portland Views Of Distant Towns 4/10
With Passion What We See When We Shut Our Eyes 3/10
Black Hole Generator Black Karma 7/10
MCIP Doomsday Device 2/10
Pillar Saint An Act Of Non Preaching 7/10
Frameless Scar Shadow Of A Dying Dream 8/10
Mord Christendom Perished 6/10
Blackshine Lifeblood 6/10
Shatter Messiah Never To Play The Servant 7/10
Agro Ritual 6 8/10
Utugt Slægtning 6/10
Norma Jean Redeemer 3/10
Dark Harvest Dark Harvest 6/10
Old Down With The Nails 6/10
Coldworker The Contaminated Void 6/10
Eisbrecher Antikörper 7/10
Dragonland Astronomy 9/10
Double Devil Port Of Call 6/10
Mob Rules Ethnolution A.D. 7/10
Contradiction The Warchitect 6/10
Black Messiah Of Myths And Legends 7/10
The Showdown A Chorus Of Obliteration 5/10
Brand New Sin Tequila 6/10
Vader Impressions In Blood 8/10
Dionysus Fairytales And Reality 7/10
Ureas The Naked Truth 8/10
By Night A New Shape Of Desperation 6/10
Tourettes Syndrome Sick Sense 5/10
AHAB The Call Of The Wretched Sea 7/10
Kampfar Kvass 6/10
Dust II Dust Demo 2006 4/10
The Burning Every Knee Shall Bow And Every Tongue Confess 7/10
Shining Star Enter Eternity 8/10
Samael Era One + Lesson In Magic #1 3/10
Frequency When Dream And Fate Collide 6/10
Lingua The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been 6/10
Ascension Theory Answers 6/10
Degree Absolute Degree Absolute 4/10
Red Circuit Trance State 5/10
Subzero The Suffering Of Man 7/10
Enter My Silence Coordinate: D1SA5T3R 5/10
Summoning Oath Bound 5/10
Das Ich Cabaret 1/10
Smegma Make It Roll 2/10
Ava Inferi Burdens 6/10
Vanden Plas Christ.0 9/10
Yakuza Samsara 4/10
The Syn Syndestructible 4/10
UFO Showtime 5/10
Vulture Industries The Benevolent Pawn 7/10
Lord Belial Nocturnal Beast 7/10
Violent Divine Violent Divine 6/10
UFO Showtime 5/10
Zero Down Old Time Revival 7/10
Oracle Sun Deep Inside 6/10
Allister Before The Blackout 5/10
Jadis Photoplay 6/10
End My Sorrow A Mind Unsolved 7/10
Died Smiling Evolution Of The Fist 6/10
Uli Jon Roth Beyond The Astral Skies 6/10
Uli Jon Roth Sky Of Avalon 4/10
Pallas The Dreams Of Men 7/10
SauroN For A Dead Race 5/10
8thSin Angelseed & Demonmilk 7/10
1349 Hellfire 1/10
Ringworm Justice Replaced By Revenge 9/10
Juglans Regia Controluce 4/10
Ruins Spun Forth As Dark Nets 6/10
Khold Krek 7/10
Wobbler Hinterland 2/10
Thy Majestie Jeanne D'Arc 8/10
Dope American Apathy 5/10
Rise Against Siren Song Of The Counter Culture 8/10
Silver Gold 4/10
Stream Of Passion Embrace The Storm 6/10
The Tea Party Seven Circles 8/10
Manifest Half Past Violence 5/10
King's X Ogre Tones 7/10

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