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Dato Koncert
Junkyard Drive, Black Oak County
Feather Mountain, Deadnate, ÊTRE

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ORM, Offernat
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Mercenary, Essence
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Dato Koncert
Twilight Force, Seven Spires, Silver Bullet
Red Warszawa, GoatHawkBuffalo
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Nyt Liv, Throwe
Lipid, Persecutor, Demolizer Aflyst
Sylvatica, Trold, Vansind
Heidra, Pectora, Lastera
Septicflesh, Carach Angren, On Thorns I Lay, Naraka Aflyst
Livløs, Deadnate
LLNN, ROT AWAY, Demersal
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Asagraum, Glemsel
Saturnus, Kronic
Kraanium, Defecate
Twilight Force Aflyst
BAEST, Katla
Saturnus Aflyst
- Temple of Doom Days 2021: BAEST, ORM, Katla Aflyst
Electric Guitars Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
Asagraum Aflyst
Saturnus Aflyst
Kraanium, Emesis Aflyst
The Boy That Got Away, Skinny Violet, Son of Fortune Aflyst
Twilight Force Aflyst
Saturnus Aflyst
Kraanium, Emesis Aflyst
- Temple of Doom Days 2020: ORM, Asagraum, Livløs, Diabolical, Morild, Chronicle Aflyst
Søren Andersen, Blue Rose Down
Materia, The Sixpounder
Red Warszawa, Demolizer
Red Warszawa
Saturnus, Katla Aflyst
Cabal, Drukner, Katla, Genfærd
Saturnus, Katla Aflyst
Crocell, Killing Gandhi, Xenoblight
Shotgun Revolution, Superloader, Rene Shades
Ghost Iris, Light This City
Septic Congestion, Necrosis, Aon
TRNA, Show Me A Dinosaur, Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet
- Temple of Doom Days 2019: Bersærk, Konvent, In Mourning, Sylvatica, Demolizer, Deadnate
MØL, Cabal
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
The Interbeing, Shadowspawn
Childrenn, Grusom
Daze of June, Odd Palace
Deadflesh, Eciton, Obskura
Skiltron, Fejd
Billy Boy In Poison, The Petulant
Vanir, Cruelty's Heart
- Temple Of Doom Days: Solbrud, Satanic Assault Division, Illdisposed, Redwood Hill, Spitanger, Xettia
Sons Of Death Valley, Dirt Forge
Electric Guitars
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Artillery, Impalers
The Good, The Bad And The Zugly, Night Fever
Siamese, The Royal, Odd Palace
Ghost Iris
- Temple Of Doom Days 2017: Frantic Amber, Hearteater, Helhorse, Impalers, , Nyt Liv, Phazm, Slowjoint
Halshug, Slægt
Bersærk, Hold Fast
Red Warszawa
Grieved, Hexis, Cabal
LLNN, Phazm
Satan Takes a Holiday, Turbochild
The Hell
Rising, Redwood Hill, Electric Hellride, Spitanger
Horned Almighty, Satanic Assault Division, Woebegone Obscured
Avatarium, The Vintage Caravan, Honeymoon Disease
Obliterations, Halshug
WOA Metal Battle: Aphyxion, Huldre, Prevail, Heidra, Phoebus Cartel, Abscission
Downfall Of Gaia ,
Lucer, Sea, Black Book Lodge
Saint Rebel, Sedated Angel
Night Fever
Blues Pills
The Shrine, Dirty Fences, Death Valley - Templet - 29. september 2014
Pet the Preacher
Kylesa, Barricade
Scarred by Beauty
Hate, Heidra
Elder, Hull - Templet - 16. april 2014
Dead By April - Templet - 6. marts 2014
Fall of Pantheon, Sylvatica
Bornholm, Horned Almighty
Red Warszawa
Dead By April - Templet - 29. november 2013
Pet the Preacher
Heidra, Huldre, Thyrfing
Redwood Hill
Black City - Templet - 19. april 2013
Saturnus, Cerekloth, Empire Drowns
Blaze Bayley
Temple of Doom: THE GHOST INSIDE, DEEZ NUTS, STRAY FROM THE... - Templet - 4. februar 2013
Red Warszawa
Svartsot, Vanir
HateSphere, Helhorse
Black Breath, Saviours, Danava, Tormented
Glamour of the Kill
Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Gorod, Exivious
The Ocean, Intronaut, Red Fang
Rotten Sound, Trap Them , The Kandidate
Scarred by Beauty, By the Patient, Essence
The Kandidate, By the Patient
Artillery, Xcentrik
Red Warszawa
Compos Mentis, Scamp
Red Warszawa
Dagoba, Scarred by Beauty
As We Fight, Inimical
The Psyke Project
The Burning
Dawn Of Demise, As We Fight
Volbeat, Gob Squad
Megalomania 999, Spectral Mortuary
Volbeat, Jerkstore, Blow
Raunchy, Complete
Red Warszawa - Templet - 12. februar 2005
Melted, The Psyke Project
Mercenary, eXcm, Pilgrimz
Black Sabbath Tribute, Torn - Templet - 12. juni 2004
Invocator, Mercenary
Red Warszawa
Düreforsög - Templet - 28. september 2002
Sons Of Tomorrow