Wilska fyret fra Finntroll

Finske (surprise) Finntroll, har smidt deres forsanger ud. Efter hans eget udsagn er det bl.a. pga. hans manglende involvering i bandets diskussioner som han rejst tvivl om hans engagement:

29.01.2006 Bye, and thanks for all the fish...

With a heavy heart I bring you the following news: In a band meeting one hour ago I was fired as a singer of Finntroll. Reasons are many and for the most part private, but personal differences and lack of discussion have led my bandmates to doubt my commitment for this band. I believe this will be discussed widely in the following days and more info will undoubtedly be out soon for your viewing pleasure. I will only say the following: These past three years have been the best times of my life and I want to thank all the friends I've gained from this, crews past and present, supporters who came to our shows and shared the good and the bad times. I will always cherish you in my heart. Thanks for my now ex-bandmates for sharing this experience with me. Life goes on and wounds will heal. The future remains to be seen.

Thank all of you and see you sometime, somewhere.


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