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Mike Christiansens anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Coal Chamber Rivals 7/10
Sulphur Aeon Gateway To The Antisphere 10/10
Khors Night Falls Onto The Front of Ours 8/10
Mourning Mist Mourning Mist 7/10
Moonspell Extinct 7/10
Negură Bunget Tău 9/10
Nightwish Élan 7/10
FOSSILS The Meating 6/10
Before The Guts Lipfistington Park 7/10
Arbitrator Indoctrination of Sacrilege 6/10
Periphery Juggernaut: Alpha 6/10
Keep Of Kalessin Epistemology 10/10
Periphery Juggernaut: Omega 6/10
By the Patient Gehenna 9/10
Napalm Death Apex Predator - Easy Meat 8/10
Finsterforst Mach Dich Frei 8/10
Shade Empire Omega Arcane 9/10
Bleed From Within Uprising 8/10
Skullclub Klyng Dem Op 8/10
Omnium Gatherum Beyond 7/10
New Keepers of the Water Towers Cosmic Child 6/10
Empire Drowns Bridges 6/10
Vreid Welcome Farewell 7/10
Blodig Alvor Mørkets Frembrudd 6/10
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Saivon Lapsi 8/10
Ulcer Grant Us Death 6/10
Frosttide Our Journey [ep] 7/10
Modern Day Citizen From The Shell 6/10
Hate Solarflesh 7/10
Deathronic Duality Chaos 6/10
Hatebreed The Divinity Of Purpose 7/10
Dying Fetus Reign Supreme 7/10
Cult Of Luna Vertikal 8/10
Skullclub Død og Kritte 8/10
Straight on Target Pharmakos 6/10
My Reflection Dreamland Drowning 4/10
Led Astray Decades Of Addiction 4/10
Lord Agheros Demiurgo 8/10
Blynd Punishment Unfolds 7/10
Dunderbeist Songs Of The Buried 7/10
Saturnus Saturn In Ascension 10/10
BloodBound In The Name Of Metal 7/10
Dragged into Sunlight Widowmaker 6/10
Graveyard Lights Out 7/10
Ruinside The Hunt 6/10
Abiotic Symbiosis 6/10
Cradle of Filth The Manticore & Other Horrors 7/10
Downfall Of Gaia Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes 8/10
As I Lay Dying Awakened 7/10
My Dying Bride A Map of All Our Failures 9/10
Evocation Illusions Of Grandeur 7/10
Zatokrev The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere 8/10
The Chant A Healing Place 8/10
Marcel Coenen Guiltartalk 6/10
Over Your Threshold Facticity 7/10
Illdisposed Sense The Darkness 9/10
Ex Deo Caligvla 9/10
Katatonia Dead End Kings 8/10
All Hail The Yeti All Hail The Yeti 10/10
Downspirit Bulletproof? 8/10
The Order 1986 7/10
Bastard Convoy More Songs About Drunkenness 6/10
Zombiefication Reaper's Consecration 5/10
Devilish Impressions Simulacra 8/10
Cradle of Filth Evermore Darkly 4/10
LET Sange fra Kælderen 6/10
Anal Cunt The Old Testament 1/10
Kråke Conquering Death 7/10
Gojira L'enfant Sauvage 10/10
Mnemic Mnemesis 7/10
Allegaeon Formshifter 9/10
Mass Murder Agenda Bring The Violence 6/10
Gory Blister Earth-Sick 9/10
Before The Dawn Rise Of The Phoenix 7/10
Marduk Serpent Sermon 8/10
JustinHate Wandering Deathbird 7/10
Paradise Lost Tragic Idol 7/10
Korpius Shades Of Black 8/10
Impiety Ravage & Conquer 7/10
Enochian Theory LIFE ...and All It Entails 10/10
All Trays For Venom Burned By Blackened Sun 7/10
Meshuggah Koloss 9/10
Naglfar Teras 8/10
Zero Degree Surreal World 6/10
Sonata Arctica Live In Finland 7/10
Cannibal Corpse Torture 7/10
Casablanca Apocalyptic Youth 4/10
Diabulus in Musica The Wanderer 7/10
Malrun The Empty Frame 7/10
Xandria Neverworld's End 6/10
Casablanca Love and Desperation 6/10
Mollo / Martin The Third Cage 8/10
The Kandidate Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death 7/10
The 11th hour Lacrima Mortis 7/10
Nemesea The Quiet Resistance 6/10
Shadowgarden Ashen 7/10
Lacuna Coil Dark Adrenaline 7/10
Molotov Solution Insurrection 7/10
Ironguard Fire Empire [ep] 8/10
Abigail Williams Becoming 8/10
Nightwish Imaginaerum 9/10
Kvelertak Kvelertak (Special Edition) 9/10
Crossfade Secret Love 6/10
Mortician Mortician 6/10
Moloken Rural 7/10
Vildhjarta Måsstaden 10/10
Dragonland Under the Grey Banner 7/10
Halcyon Way IndoctriNation 7/10
My Black Light Human Maze 4/10
1349 Demonoir (Limited Box) 8/10
We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown To Be 4/10
Machine Head Unto the Locust 10/10
Brainstorm On The Spur Of The Moment 8/10
Fyrnask Bluostar 7/10
Einherjer Norrøn 7/10
Memorial Shatter the Art 8/10
Arven Music Of Light 7/10
Pain Of Salvation Road Salt Two 8/10
Evile Five Serpent's Teeth 7/10
HateSphere The Great Bludgeoning 8/10
The Greenery Spit and Argue 4/10
Saltatio Mortis Sturm aufs Paradies 6/10
Arkona Slovo 7/10
Book of Black Earth The Cold Testament 7/10
The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual 8/10
Sarah Jezebel Deva The Corruption of Mercy 7/10
DC4 Electric Ministry 8/10
James Byrd's Atlantis Rising Beyond The Pillars 7/10
Arctic Flame Guardian at the Gate 6/10
CellOut Superstar Prototype 4/10
Draconian A Rose for the Apokalypse 9/10
Tormented Rotten Death 7/10
Unearth Darkness In The Light 7/10
Annotations Of An Autopsy Dark Days 7/10
Sourvein Black Fangs 7/10
Consortium Project V Species 6/10
Satan's Host By the Hands of the Devil 6/10
Byfrost Of Death 7/10
Impiety Advent Of... [EP] 7/10
Pain You Only Live Twice 7/10
Arch Enemy Khaos Legions 9/10
Lake Of Tears Illwill 8/10
Týr The Lay Of Thrym 8/10
Ipsissimus The Way Of Descent 4/10
Borealis Fall From Grace 9/10
Arkona Stenka Na Stenku [EP] 6/10
Amorphis The Beginning Of Times 9/10
The Soulless Isolated 7/10
Samael Lux Mundi 6/10
Xerath II 8/10
Norther Circle Regenerated 6/10
Amorphis Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes 8/10
SIC Figthers They Bleed 8/10
Vanir Særimners Kød 7/10
Sonne Adam Transformation 8/10
Demonaz March Of The Norse 7/10
Mhorgl Antinomian 8/10
Panzerchrist Regiment Ragnarok 9/10
Crystallion Hundred Days 5/10
Serenity Death & Legacy 9/10
Torchbearer Death Meditations 7/10
Despite Clenched 8/10

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