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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Unseen Faith Waver 8/10
Thy Art Is Murder Dear Desolation 9/10
Hundred Suns The Prestaliis 8/10
Dying Fetus Wrong One to Fuck With 8/10
Goatwhore Vengeful Ascension 7/10
Stone Sour Hydrograd 5/10
Suffocation ...Of The Dark Light 8/10
The Interbeing Among The Amorphous 9/10
Miss May I Shadows Inside 5/10
Slægt Domus Mysterium 6/10
Body Count Bloodlust 8/10
KForKill The World Is Broken 6/10
Dimmu Borgir Forces Of The Northern Night 7/10
Warbringer Woe To The Vanquished 9/10
Fordærv Fy For Satan 9/10
ORM Orm 8/10
Ghost Iris Blind World 7/10
Pain Of Salvation In The Passing Light of Day 7/10
Emmure Look At Yourself 8/10
Cacus Dirty Filthy Godless 7/10
Suicide Silence Suicide Silence 3/10
Archives of Alaska Archives of Alaska 8/10
When Water Runs Deep Pangeae 8/10
Horns Let Me See Your Horns 7/10
Sepultura Machine Messiah 6/10
Panzerfaust The Lucifer Principle 8/10
The Answer Solas 2/10
Bornholm Primaeval Pantheons 6/10
Among Wolves Into the unknown 7/10
Olm Prø-li-å-hør-hær (ægå) 5/10
Serpentine Dominion Serpentine Dominion 9/10
Aphyxion Aftermath 8/10
Satanic Assault Division Crucifixed 6/10
Telos Telos 9/10
Forest God The Boy Who Flew Away 5/10
Devilment II - The Mephisto Waltzes 8/10
Vader The Empire 7/10
Forever Still Tied Down 8/10
Norma Jean Polar Similar 10/10
Attila CHAOS 7/10
Wovenwar Honor Is Dead 6/10
Meshuggah The Violent Sleep Of Reason 9/10
Barricade Waker 8/10
Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer 8/10
Denner/Shermann Masters Of Evil 7/10
Opeth Sorceress 8/10
Soilwork Death Resonance 7/10
Harakiri for the Sky III: Trauma 8/10
Carnifex Slow Death 10/10
Sinsaenum Echoes of the Tortured 8/10
Architects All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us 8/10
Discharge End Of Days 9/10
Monsterworks Black Swan Annihilation 7/10
Whitechapel Mark Of The Blade 8/10
Suicide Angels Division Of Blood 7/10
Volbeat Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie 5/10
Omnium Gatherum Grey Heavens 8/10
The Unguided Lust and Loathing 6/10
Shotgun Revolution All This Could Be Yours 6/10
Blakk Old Blood Greed 3/10
Livløs Livløs 8/10
DevilDriver Trust No One 7/10
Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional 9/10
Pathways Passout Paradise 6/10
Grave Miasma Endless Pilgrimage 8/10
Rising Oceans Into Their Graves 6/10
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Forward In Reverse 8/10
Jaded Heart Guilty By Design 7/10
Aborted Retrogore 10/10
Desaster The Oath Of An Iron Ritual 8/10
Surgical Meth Machine Surgical Meth Machine 3/10
Izegrim The Ferryman's End 4/10
Caliban Gravity 9/10
Mob Rules Tales From Beyond 8/10
Convulse Cycle of Revenge 10/10
Sinphobia Awaken 6/10
Bombus Repeat Until Death 7/10
Wolfmother Victorious 7/10
Tainted Nation On The Outside 6/10
Église Église 9/10
Gehennah Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die 8/10

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