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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Ring of Fire Battle of Leningrad 6/10
Truth Corroded The Saviours Slain 7/10
Taberah Necromancer 7/10
Messenger Starwolf 2/10
Saltatio Mortis Das schwarze Einmaleins 5/10
Mythery The Awakening of the Beast 7/10
Velociter Hangar of Doom 5/10
Hibria Silent Revenge 6/10
Huntress Starbound Beast 6/10
Scale the Summit The Migration 7/10
Overtures Entering the Maze 8/10
Lacrimas Profundere Antiadore 5/10
Leprous Coal 8/10
Rhapsody of Fire Live - From Chaos To Eternity 6/10
Reign of the Architect Rise 8/10
Mastercastle On Fire 3/10
The Storyteller Dark Legacy 6/10
Russkaja Energia! 7/10
Kruna Last Century 3/10
Teardown Inner Distortions 4/10
N.D.C.I.C. Tales of the Lost 3/10
Epicrenel The Crystal Throne 4/10
Godyva Alien Heart 6/10
Taunted 9 Sins 3/10
Sinocence No Gods, No Masters Vol 1 1/10
Kiss Monster 5/10
Raven Lord Perish 2/10
Tales of the Old The Passageway from Hell to Earth [ep] 3/10
Code For Silence Dark Skies Over Babylon 7/10
The Omega Experiment The Omega Experiment 9/10
Airless Changes 4/10
Astronomikon Dark Gorgon Rising 6/10
Helker Somewhere In The Circle 7/10
Secret Sphere Portrait Of A Dying Heart 7/10
Envinya Inner Silence 5/10
Solisia UniverSeasons 8/10
Lancer Lancer 4/10
Vandroya One 4/10
Saratan Martya Xwar 7/10
3rd Machine The Egotiator 7/10
Pastore The End Of Our Flames 5/10
Alpha Tiger Beneath The Surface 5/10
Code For Silence Eyes World Shut 4/10
Holy Grail Ride The Void 7/10
Enchantya Dark Rising 7/10
Shakra Powerplay 7/10
Enemynside Whatever Comes 6/10
September Code Remembering Mirrors 6/10
Eisregen Krebskollektion 5/10
Paradox Tales Of The Weird 6/10
Erratic escape Erratic escape 3/10
No Sign of Life Embrace Your Demons 9/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Mikaelhe: 5,5

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