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Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Messiah's Kiss Get Your Bulls Out! 7/10
Cadaveria Silence 5/10
Distance I 8/10
Cannabis Corpse From Wisdom to Baked 7/10
Theory of a Deadman Savages 6/10
Rise Against The Black Market 6/10
Unfaithful Streetfighter 5/10
Dictated The Deceived 3/10
Blood God Blood is my Trademark 4/10
Nachtmystium The World We Left Behind 7/10
Aphyxion Earth Entangled 9/10
Accu§er Diabolic 9/10
Thy Art Is Murder Hate 10/10
Halloween No One Gets Out! 6/10
Nero di Marte Nero Di Marte 10/10
Carved Dies Irae 6/10
Supuration Cube 3 8/10
In Utero Canibalism Sick 5/10
Borg 64 Anywhere But Here 2/10
Witchburner Bloodthirsty Eyes 6/10
Shai Hulud Reach Beyond The Sun 5/10
Raven Lord Descent To The Underworld 7/10
Skineater Dermal Harvest 8/10
Space Vacation Heart Attack 3/10
Aventyr Driven 6/10
Red Lamb Red Lamb 5/10
Speaking To Stones Elements 7/10
Show Your Face Afraid 7/10
Forgotten Souls Sirius 12 8/10
A Life Divided The Great Escape 6/10
Nidingr Greatest Of Deceivers 7/10
Infernal Poetry Paraphiliac 10/10
Nunslaughter Christmassascre 3/10
Savage Annihilation Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries 2/10
Cross Up Yours Holy Shit 3/10
Kälter Spiritual Angel 8/10
Access Denied Touch of Evil 5/10
Tidal Dreams Once Upon A Tide 8/10
Witch Cross Fit For Fight 5/10
Electric Hellride Hate.Control.Manipulate 7/10
Validor Dawn Of The Avenger 7/10
Demoraliser A Living Nightmare 6/10
Hollow Haze Poison In Black 8/10
The Everdawn Poems - Burn The Past [re-release] 7/10
Kryptos The Coils Of Apollyon 10/10
Venturia Dawn Of A New Era 9/10
Sabbath Assembly Ye Are Gods 4/10
Gorement Within The Shadow Of Darkness - The Complete Recordings 6/10
Pride of Lions Immortal 6/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Casper Ørvad Silber: 6,4

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