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Carsten Bachs anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Theory The Art of Evil 6/10
Pyramaze Contingent 8/10
Majesty Rebels 7/10
Akoma Revangels 5/10
Pectora Redemption 8/10
Tyran Tyran 7/10
Theocracy Ghost Ship 6/10
Xettia Feather Storm 6/10
Downfall Of Gaia Atrophy 8/10
Evergrey The Storm Within 6/10
End My Sorrow Of Ghostly Echoes 7/10
Iron Savior Titancraft 5/10
Hammerfall Built To Last 8/10
Civil War The Last Full Measure 2/10
Chronicle Memento - Mori 8/10
Huldre Tusmørke 9/10
Sonata Arctica The Ninth Hour 6/10
Fejd Trolldom 4/10
Prevail War Will Reign 10/10
Baest Marie Magdalene 7/10
Temperance The Earth Embraces Us All 6/10
Twilight Force Heroes Of Mighty Magic 8/10
Sabaton The Last Stand 8/10
Stonewall Noise Orchestra The Machine, The Devil & The Dope 5/10
Toseland Cradle of Rage 5/10
Rizon Power Plant 4/10
Van Canto Voices of Fire 7/10
Human Fortress Thieves Of The Night 8/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Carsten Bach: 6,6

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