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Michael Aggers anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Dark Funeral Where Shadows Forever Reign 9/10
Candlemass Death Thy Lover 9/10
Gruesome Dimensions Of Horror 8/10
Iotunn The Wizard Falls 9/10
Cursus Bellum Accusing the dead 7/10
Phobocosm Bringer Of Drought 8/10
Nidhöggr Ragnarök 8/10
Paragon Hell Beyond Hell 9/10
Decrepit Soul The Coming of War!! 7/10
Artillery Penalty By Perception 9/10
Anger As Art Ad Mortem Festinamus 8/10
Maze of Terror Ready to Kill 8/10
Mortiis The Great Deceiver 7/10
Lost Society Braindead 6/10
Altarage NIHL 9/10
Exumer The Raging Tides 9/10
Poisoner Disobey 8/10
RAM Svbversvm 9/10
Battlecross Rise To Power 5/10
Grave Out of Respect for the Dead 8/10
Denner/Shermann Satan´s Tomb 9/10
Essence Prime 6/10
Grusom Grusom 9/10
Ghost Meliora 10/10
Dew-Scented Intermination 8/10
One Machine The Final Cull 9/10
Armored Saint Win Hands Down 6/10
Infernal War Axiom 10/10
Shining (SE) IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends 9/10
Impalers God from the Machine 9/10
Perdition Temple The Tempter's Victorious 8/10
Shredhead Death Is Righteous 6/10
Tristana Virtual Crime 6/10
No Return Fearless Walk To Rise 6/10
Beautality Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment and Triumph 7/10
Enforcer From Beyond 9/10
Venom From The Very Depths 8/10
Bio-Cancer Tormenting the Innocent 7/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Michael Agger: 7,9

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