Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
- Næstved Metalfest 2021: Grave, Cabal, Illdisposed, Lifesick, Wayward Dawn, m.fl.
Support Our Scene Fest 2021: Rot Away, Earn Your Scars, War of Destruction, Persecutor, Terrorpy, m.fl.
- Prime Fest 2021: Crystal Lake, Heart of a Coward, The Fall of Troy, While She Sleeps, Siamese, m.fl.
- Copenhell 2021: Judas Priest, Jinjer, Agnostic Front, Gatecreeper, Crypt Sermon, m.fl.
Cabal, Lifesick, Unseen Faith Aflyst
Cabal, Unseen Faith, Lifesick Aflyst
- Copenhell 2020: Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Korn, m.fl. Aflyst
Lowest Creature, Lifesick Aflyst
Prime Fest 2020: Agent Fresco, Issues, Siamese, Humanity's Last Breath, Heart of a Coward, m.fl. Aflyst
Lionheart, Lifesick Aflyst
Cabal, Unseen Faith, Lifesick Aflyst
Hva' Helved' - Metal på Musikmuseet Afterparty: Lifesick, Odd Palace
Illdisposed, Silent Fracture, Lifesick
No Zodiac, Lifesick, Throwe
Cartographs, Lifesick
Support Our Scene Fest 2019: Lifesick, In Clover, Dagger Threat, Heroes 2 None, First Blood, m.fl.
Impalers, Electric Hellride, Lifesick
Lifesick, Cabal, DTHRNR, Deadnate
Agnostic Front, Broken Teeth, Lifesick
- Royal Metal Fest 2018: Ensiferum, Bloodbath, Lebenssucht, Origin, Deadflesh, m.fl.
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Hexis, Ordeal, Lifesick
Cabal, Lifesick, Woes, DTHRNR, Nyt Liv
- Murda Twinz Getdown Vol. 2: Total Chaos, Control Hooligan Rock N Roll, St.Hood, Lawgiver, Heroes 2 None, m.fl.
Comeback Kid, Lifesick, City Keys
Moshball Madness: Lifesick, xviciousx, Eat Me Fresh
Risk It, Carry the Dead, Reduction, Lifesick, Additional Time, Solemn Promise, Bulldog Mentality
Gentlemen's Sports, For My Enemy, Strength, Bulldog Mentality, Lifesick