Spillestedet Stengade

Stengade 18
2200 København N


Kommende arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Orphaned Land, Dead Venus, Ring of Gyges, Korypheus
Spidergawd, Draken
Rivers Of Nihil, Fallujah, Allegaeon, Inferi, Harbinger
Frayle, Shaam Larein
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Nordsind, ÊTRE
Timechild, Terminalist

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Panzerfaust, Velnias, Glemsel
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MØL, Numenorean, Gaerea
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Swallow The Sun, October Tide, Oceanwake
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Kataklysm, Neaera, Fear My Thoughts, Quo Vadis
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Atheist, Suicidal Angels , Suicidal Angels , Critical Mess Aflyst
Kanonenfieber, Uburen, Molok
Mantar, Suma, Gaia, Dirt Forge
Visions Of Atlantis, Xandria, Ye Banished Privateers
Witch, Lucid Grave
Crypta, Mother of All
Voice Of Baceprot, Vulvatorious
Traveler, Thunderor, Steel Inferno
Skeletal Remains, Nakkeknaekker
Jambinai Aflyst
Truckfighters, Elden, Enigma Experience
END, Lifesick, ROT AWAY
Riot City, Seven Sisters, Pectora
Full Of Hell, Fordærv, Septage Aflyst
Messa, Wyatt E.
Green Lung, King Witch, Bogwife
Humanity's Last Breath, Reflections, Cabal Aflyst
Orphaned Land, Dead Venus, Ring of Gyges, Korypheus Aflyst
Forndom, The Devil's Trade, Lili Refrain
Spidergawd, Draken Aflyst
Redd Kross Aflyst
Weedpecker, Vokonis, Sonic Moon
Traveler, Toledo Steel Aflyst
Situationsfornærmelse, Glöm Allt, Vulvatorious
Atheist, Cadaver, Svart Crown, From Hell, Critical Mess Aflyst
Truckfighters, Elden, Enigma Experience
Diablo Swing Orchestra Aflyst
Monolord, Blackwater Holylight
Lyrik & Metal: (0), Gabestok Aflyst
Timechild, Harry Eucrow
Celeste, Late Night Venture
Rivers Of Nihil, Archspire, Allegaeon, Black Crown Initiate, To The Grave Aflyst
Feather Mountain, Quantum Solaris, Hadron
Misþyrming, Naðra, Genfærd
Deadnate, Offernat
Timechild, Blue Rose Down Aflyst
Akhlys Aflyst
Stormwarrior, Wizard, Steel Shock Aflyst
Then Comes Silence, Chopper
Bogwife, Drukner, Wokeh
Billy Boy In Poison, MITE
Nothing Noble, CLIENTS
Cabal, Hanging The Nihilist
Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2021: Vansind, Idaslet
Odd Palace, Æterbrand
Ethereal Kingdoms, Trold
The Sonic Dawn, De Nøgne Øjne
Jambinai Aflyst
Justify Rebellion, Hadron
Terminalist, Throwe
Redd Kross Aflyst
Darkher, Forndom, The Devil's Trade Aflyst
Humanity's Last Breath, Black Tongue, Cabal Aflyst
1914, Tongues Aflyst
Ethereal Kingdoms, Trold Aflyst
Spidergawd Aflyst
Weedpecker Aflyst
Riot City, Traveler, Pectora Aflyst
Justify Rebellion, Hadron Aflyst
Normandie, Thousand Below, Captives Aflyst
Misþyrming, Naðra, Genfærd Aflyst
Misþyrming, Naðra, Genfærd Aflyst
- Sort Høst 2021: Of The Wand & The Moon, Christian Hede, Pafund, Den Sorte Død Aflyst
Midnight, Red Death, Hellripper Aflyst
Then Comes Silence Aflyst
Redwood Hill, LLNN, The Moth Gatherer Aflyst
Redd Kross Aflyst
Monkey3 Aflyst
Sunken, Morild Aflyst
Humanity's Last Breath, Black Tongue Aflyst
Spaceslug, Forming The Void, Rift Giant Aflyst
LLNN, The Moth Gatherer, We Are Among Storms, Late Night Venture Aflyst
Darkher, Forndom, The Devil's Trade Aflyst
Fvnerals, Foreshadower, Center Of The Earth Aflyst
Misþyrming, Naðra, Genfærd Aflyst
1914, Tongues Aflyst
Redd Kross Aflyst
Redwood Hill, (0), Gravitated Aflyst
Truckfighters, Elden Aflyst
The Gates Of Slumber, Altar of Oblivion, Lucid Grave
Stonefield, MaidaVale
Nervosa, Demolizer
After The Burial, Make Them Suffer, Polar, Spiritbox
Okilly Dokilly, Hanging The Nihilist
Amenra, E-L-R, Ylva
Spectral Wound, Afsky
Lucid Grave, Beach Envy, Mimic Octopus
Svartidauði, Sinmara, Serpents Lair
Sunnata, Yatra, Katla
Halshug, Eyes
Blood Red Throne, Wayward Dawn, Deception
Aphyxion, Hearteater
Monolord, Disrule
Copenhell Family Reunion 2019: Bersærk, Deadnate, Shadowspawn
The Word Alive, Make Them Suffer, Of Virtue, Aviana
Cryptopsy, Ingested, Gloryhole Guillotine
Hällas, Grusom, Bomber
Naxatras, REZN
Nervosa, Rezet
Imperial Triumphant, Mord’A’Stigmata
Red Scalp, Dying Hydra
BelzebonG, The Necromancers
Soen, Ghost Iris, Wheel
Spaceslug, Death Rides a Horse, CB3
Then Comes Silence, The Foreign Resort, Traitrs
Toundra, A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man
Eigengrau, Nordsind, Rome In Reverse
Gaia, Drukner
Draconian, Harakiri for the Sky, Sojourner
Ring of Gyges, Feather Mountain, Deadnate
Deville, Black Swamp Water, Lophius
AGE OF WOE, Alkymist
Ghost Bath, Nordsind
Conan, Suma
Dvne, Kaiju, Rift Giant
Far From Alaska, DOT LEGACY, Pudsige Herrer
The Boy That Got Away
Prevail, Xenoblight, Xettia
Demon Head, Taunus
The Night Flight Orchestra
Impalers, Fusion Bomb , Exelerate
Jex Thoth, Moon Coven
Toke, Year of the Cobra, GoatHawkBuffalo
1000Mods, Fuzz Orchestra
Weedeater, Alkymist
Alda, Slægt, Vaabnet
Uada, Grift, Afsky
Maggot Heart, Reveal
Hexis, Konvent, Telos, Nordsind
Radio Moscow, Kaleidobolt
Voivod, Earth Ship
Stoned Jesus, Beastmaker
Zu, Piss Vortex
Soen, Madder Mortem
Dorre, Bethmoora
Serpents Lair, Solbrud
Dawn Of Demise, BAEST, Deadflesh
Messa, Arcana 13, Lewd Flesh
Electric Citizen , Salem's Pot
Hexis, Déluge , Soul Grip, Woes
Jucifer, A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man
WOA Meal Battle København 2016: Savage Machine, Iotunn, Melusive, Sunless Dawn, Forever Still
The Skull, Night Viper
Redwood Hill, Église, LLNN, Czar, Smertegrænsens Toldere
Zatokrev, Recitation
The Interbeing, VOLA
Night Fever, The War Goes On, Direct Youth
FOSSILS, Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
Black Tusk, Crobot
Mount Salem
Lewd Flesh, Gaia, Kolos - Stengade 30 - 19. september 2014
Slough Feg, Magister Templi, Fiercer - Stengade 30 - 31. maj 2014
Dark Mental Festival 2014: Heljareyga, Shores Of Null,...: Dark Mental Festival 2014: Heljareyga, Shores Of Null,...
Dark Mental Festival 2014: Denial Of God, Heidra, Eldjudnir,...: Heidra, Eldjudnir, Abscission
Dark Mental Festival 2014: Iron Fire, Myrd, Gestapolis, Caro,...: Velociter , Sylvatica
Brutal Truth
Dark Buddha Rising
Morne, Shadow Of The Torturer - Stengade 30 - 16. april 2014
Halshug, Primitives Rites, Dogmatist, Warbeast - Stengade 30 - 13. februar 2014
Witch Cross, Death Rides a Horse
Obliteration, Rêverie
White Wizard, Monument, Engraver - Stengade 30 - 11. oktober 2013
Deus Otiosus, AnoxiA, Iniquity, Moonloop, Morbid Saint, Taake, Fall of Pantheon
Sodomizer, Hellkommander - Stengade 30 - 14. februar 2013
Cannabis Corpse, Ghoul
Dead Congregation, Infinitum Obscure
Cauldron (CAN), Striker (CAN), Sinister Creation - Stengade 30 - 25. februar 2012
Svartsot, Sylvatica
Scarred by Beauty, By the Patient, Essence
Griftegård, Procession
Black Breath - Stengade 30 - 5. november 2010
Enslaved, Stonegard, Krakow
Invictus, As We Fight
The Psyke Project
The revolt of Darwin - Stengade 30 - 28. august 2008
Entombed, The Burning
Keith Caputo - Stengade 30 - 23. maj 2008
HateSphere, Sacrificial
Thorium, Submission, Compos Mentis
Shattered Realm - Stengade 30 - 4. oktober 2007
Raunchy, Blinded Colony
Starrats, Black Succubi
HateSphere, Mudslide
Violent Storm - Stengade 30 - 7. juni 2007
Entombed, Zenith
Vital Remains, Dawn Of Azazel
Aborted, The Burning
Koldborn, Urkraft, Charger
Maroon, Nembience
Cult Of Luna
Starrats Aflyst
Mustasch, Starrats
Enslaved, Megalomania 999
The Haunted, Mercenary
Tokyo Dragons
Deadsoil, Illdisposed
Backyard Babies
Danko Jones
Volbeat, The Pickup
HateSphere, MLTD
Most Precious Blood, Turmoil
God Forbid, The Haunted, God Dethroned
Green Carnation
Deranged, Regurgitate
Velvet8Ball, Puto Diablo, Pincushion - Stengade 30 - 2. juni 2005
Malevolent Creation
The Psyke Project Release Party - Stengade 30 - 13. maj 2005
Alabama Thunderpussy
Emergenza Festival: Solitary Seasons, Pastoral Care, Fall...: Fall From Grace
Million Dollar Marxists, The Ghoulies - Stengade 30 - 18. februar 2005
Dansk Metal Grandprix 2005 - Stengade 30 - 14. januar 2005
Volbeat, The Pickup
Barcode, Volbeat
Tr3ple P
Outbreak (S), Flame On - Stengade 30 - 6. oktober 2004
Zao, The Psyke Project
Withering Surface, Urkraft
Pro-Pain, Do Or Die
Symbolic, NAFT
Dillinger Escape Plan - Stengade 30 - 23. juni 2004
Exodus, HateSphere
The Haunted, Entombed
D.R.I., Atomic Bitchwax - Stengade 30 - 13. maj 2004
Pilgrimz, Memorial
Mindlock, PitchBlack
Live Contest (DM i Rock): Volbeat - Stengade 30 - 25. marts 2004
HateSphere, Raunchy
Meine Kleine Deutsche (S), The Magic Bullet Theory - Stengade 30 - 14. februar 2004
Enslaved, Carpathian Forest, 1349
Visual Block, Stomped
Katatonia, Dark Suns
Mnemic, Nil By Mouth, Mugshot, KLoAK
Necrophagia, Carnal Forge, Exmortem
Arch Enemy, Urkraft
Urkraft, Fairytale Abuse
Sentenced, Lacuna Coil, Blackshine
Mugshot, KLoAK