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Dato Koncert
- Royal Metal Fest 2022: Loathe, Hideous Divinity, Unseen Faith, Ivy Crown, Cult of Lilith, CLIENTS
Kvelertak, Planet of Zeus, Blood Command, Astrosaur
Incantation, Abigail Williams, Vale of Pnath
Illdisposed, SLET DET
Týr, Arkona, Dalriada, Varmia
L.A. Guns

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Decapitated, Beyond Creation, Ingested, Lorna Shore, Viscera
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BAEST, Deadnate
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Monuments, Heart of a Coward, I Built The Sky
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MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2019: Kataklysm, Whitechapel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dyscarnate
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Zeal & Ardor, NYOS
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Airbourne, Supersuckers
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- Royal Metal Fest 2019: Taake, Vomitory, Rotten Sound, Implore, Tribulation, Xenoblight, Incantation, Decline of the I, Urkraft, Asphyx, God Dethroned, Suffocation, Impalers, WORLD WAR 5, Defeated Sanity, Skinned, Author & Punisher, Nordjevel, DarkRise, Lingua Ignota, Faanefjell, Tongues, Alkymist, Ethereal Kingdoms, The Interbeing, Deadnate Læs reportage
Alestorm, Skálmöld, Bootyard Bandits
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Avatar, The Mahones, Dylan Walshe
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Prime is Giving 2019: MØL, Defecto, Cold Night for Alligators, Royal Deceit, Beneath The Silence, Unseen Faith, Grusom, Me & Munich
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Butcher Babies, Kobra And The Lotus, Skarlett Riot, IGNEA, MartYriuM
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Illdisposed, Prevail, 9000 John Doe
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- Royal Metal Fest 2018: Ensiferum, Bloodbath, Lebenssucht, Origin, Deadflesh, Ex Deo , Crocell, Ne Obliviscaris, Shining (SE), (0), Rings Of Saturn, Allegaeon, Hideous Divinity, MØL, Horned Almighty, Wind Rose, Lifesick, Altar of Oblivion, BLOOD EAGLE Læs reportage
Paradise Lost, Pallbearer, Sinistro
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Amorphis, Heidra, Savage Machine
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Rival Sons
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Max & Igor Cavalera
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- Royal Metal Fest 2017: Inquisition, Havok, Warbringer, Gorod, Exmortus, Benighted, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Immolation, Vader, Oxx, Telos, Solbrud, Monument Of Misanthropy, Fiercer, Denial Of God, Livløs, Sunless Dawn Læs reportage
Devin Townsend Project , Between The Buried And Me, Leprous
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Obituary, Exodus, Prong, King Parrot
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Dark Funeral, Krisiun, Deserted Fear
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Fear Factory, Textures
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Amorphis, Omnium Gatherum
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Hatebreed, Scarred by Beauty, Hell's Domain
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Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
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Marduk, Grave, Critical Solution, Valkyrja, Death Wolf
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Death To All, Obscura, DarkRise
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The Dillinger Escape Plan, Maybeshewill, The Hirsch Effekt
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Kvelertak, Årabrot, Gerilja
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- Royal Metal Fest 2013: Satyricon, Vader, Decrepit Birth, Dawn Of Demise, Cryptic Wintermoon, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Hamferð, Eyeconoclast, Cryptopsy, Bone, Caro
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
- Royal Metal Fest 2021: Soilwork, Kampfar, CLIENTS, ORM, Ihsahn, Winterfylleth, Hexis, MORK, Dāmim, Unseen Faith, Loathe, Ivy Crown, Lamentari, Iotunn, Conjurer, MØL, Cult of Lilith, Konvent, Arsenic Addict, Lipid, Demon Grinder Aflyst
Kvelertak Aflyst
Mayhem, Mortiis Aflyst
D-A-D Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
- Kill The Virus - Support Your Locals: HateSphere, Wayward Dawn, WORLD WAR 5, Xenoblight, Bloodgutter, Crocell, Horned Almighty, Wulfaz, Defecate, SLET DET
Mayhem, Mortiis Aflyst
Týr, Arkona, Dalriada, Varmia Aflyst
- Kill the Virus - Support Your Locals: HateSphere, Wayward Dawn, WORLD WAR 5, Xenoblight, Smertegrænsens Toldere, Crocell, Horned Almighty, Wulfaz Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
L.A. Guns, Shameless Aflyst
Danko Jones Aflyst
- Royal Metal Fest 2020: Soilwork, Wayward Dawn, ORM, Kampfar, Uada, Solbrud, Grift, Velnias, Katla, Seed of Heresy, Dāmim, Ihsahn, Cult Leader, Mercenary, Sanctrum, CLIENTS, HateSphere, Hexis, Terrorizer, Hideous Divinity, Mass Worship, False, Hate, BLOOD EAGLE, Lipid Aflyst
Obscura, God Dethroned, Thulcandra, Fractal Universe
The HU, Fire From The Gods
Skillet, Devour the Day
P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm
Illdisposed, Silent Fracture
Ministry, Smertegrænsens Toldere
Arch Enemy, Livløs
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Ral.
Dawn Of Demise, BLOOD EAGLE
Elder, Elevatorfører, Farfars Tobak
Septicflesh, Krisiun, Incite, When Reasons Collapse
Viagra Boys
Monster Magnet
The Crown, Svart Crown, Bleeding Gods, Temnein, Bleeding Utopia
Myrkur, Jo Quail
Revocation, Archspire, Soreption, Rivers Of Nihil
BAEST, I'll Be Damned, Ral.
Chelsea Grin, Oceano, Kublai Khan, Enterprise Earth
Red Warszawa, Conchita Pølse
Rise Against, Daycare For Jedi
Venom Inc., Suffocation, Nervosa, Aeternam
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons
HateSphere, Livløs, Wrath of Belial
Wolves In The Throne Room
Dying Fetus, Disentomb, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic
Huldre, Fejd, BERGTATT
Monster Magnet
Russian Circles, Cloakroom
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Helmet, Local H
Dawn Of Demise, BAEST
Saxon, Girlschool
Entombed A.D., Voivod, Conan
Skillet, Red Sun Rising
Band Of Skulls
Powerwolf, Civil War
Blues Pills, Kadavar
Svartsot, Huldre, Vanir, Sylvatica, Heidra
Red Warszawa
Illdisposed, BAEST
Illdisposed, BAEST
- Royal Metal Fest 2016 : Gorguts, Psycroptic, Destroyer 666, Bölzer, Nero di Marte , Dysrhythmia , Trepaneringsritualen, Crocell, Caro, Ronnie Rippers Private War , Fiercer, 1349, Marduk
HateSphere, The Arcane Order, All Trays For Venom
Kataklysm, Septicflesh, Aborted
Eluveitie, Skálmöld
Sólstafir, The Ocean, Mono
Cynic, Tides From Nebula, Onward With Love Aflyst
Red Warszawa
Bad Religion
Parkway Drive
- Royal Metal Fest 2015: Destruction, Broken Hope, Internal Bleeding, Belphegor, Týr, Anaal Nathrakh, When Water Runs Deep, The Walking Dead Orchestra, The Petulant, Hell’s Domain, Diamond Drive, Swindler
Eyehategod, Bersærk
Devin Townsend, Periphery, Shining (NO)
Monster Magnet, Bombus
I'll Be Damned, Scamp, Fossils
Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Malevolence, Fallujah
Protest The Hero , The Faceless
Saxon, Skid Row
Terror, Comeback Kid
Finntroll, HateSphere
Red Warszawa
Deafhaven - VoxHall - 10. august 2014
- Royal Metal Festival 2014: Pretty Maids, Blood Red Throne, Illdisposed, Artillery, Endstille, One Machine, Horned Almighty, Killing Gandhi, Electric Hellride, Impalers
DevilDriver, Sylosis, Bleed From Within
Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Inquisition
Kataklysm, Krisiun, Fleshgod Apocalypse
Finntroll, Týr, Skálmöld
Red Warszawa
Anthrax, Fozzy
Scarred by Beauty
Korpiklaani, Metsatöll
End My Sorrow
Rival Sons
Kreator, Morbid Angel, Nile, Fueled By Fire
August Burns Red, Whitechapel
Dawn Of Demise
Kyuss Lives! - VoxHall - 14. juni 2012
Rival Sons
Royal Metal Fest 2012 - VoxHall - 1. april 2012
Royal Metal Fest 2012 - VoxHall - 31. marts 2012
Royal Metal Fest 2012 - VoxHall - 30. marts 2012
Warhound - VoxHall - 10. marts 2012
Rise Against, Architects
Behemoth, Legion Of The Damned, Misery Index, Suicidal Angels
Kvelertak, Trap Them , Toxic Holocaust, Wolves Like Us
Destruction, Heathen
Artillery, Mercenary
Suicidal Tendencies
Anthrax, Skindred, Fozzy
In Flames
Death Comes Pale - VoxHall - 7. april 2011
- Obituary, Grave, Malevolent Creation, Hail Of Bullets, Artillery, Onslaught, Panzerchrist, The Burning, Suidakra, Debauchery, The Interbeing
Devin Townsend Project - VoxHall - 10. marts 2011
Crocell, Boil
Legion Of The Damned, Equilibrium, Månegarm
Kreator, Death Angel, Exodus, Suicidal Angels
Red Warszawa
Invocator, Raunchy, The Burning, Equilibrium, Swashbuckle, Heidevolk
Liturgy - VoxHall - 8. september 2010
Marduk, Ragnarok, Valkyrja
Royal Metal Fest 2010 - VoxHall - 17. april 2010
The Kandidate, Belphegor, Sepultura
Sepultura, Belphegor, The Kandidate
Suffocation, Annotations Of An Autopsy , Nervecell, Fleshgod Apocalypse
Fear Factory Aflyst
Finntroll, Eluveitie, Dornenreich, Varg, Arkona
100 Knives Inside, Scarred by Beauty, Fiji, Koldborn, By the Patient
Mustasch, Karma Cowboys
The Black Dahlia Murder, 3 Inches Of Blood, Necrophobic, Obscura, The Faceless
Mustasch, Karma Cowboys
Behemoth, DevilDriver, Scar Symmetry, Arsis
Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, Marionette
Red Warszawa
Malevolent Creation, Vomitory
Gojira, Vira
Puppet Arms, Diamond Drive, Fast Gallows, Insidiöus Törment, Bullet Train Blast, Malrun
HateSphere, Artas, SIC
Mercenary, Submission
The Sword, Graveyard
Last Mile, The 20belows, The Hitchcocks
The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage, Psycroptic
Unearth, Despised Icon, Architects, Protest The Hero , Whitechapel, Carnifex
Blessed By A Broken Heart, I Am Ghost - VoxHall - 5. november 2008
Illdisposed, Spectral Mortuary, Boil
Invisius, As We Fight
Red Warszawa
Madball, Last Mile
Exodus, 3 Inches Of Blood
Keith Caputo - VoxHall - 22. maj 2008
Ill Niño
Coheed And Cambria
The Burning, Dawn Of Demise
Artillery, Blood Red Throne, Sinister, Scamp, The Burning, A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light
Illdisposed, Burning Skies, Urkraft, Spectral Mortuary
Carnivore, Raging Speedhorn
Red Warszawa
King Diamond Aflyst
Sonic Syndicate, Dark Tranquillity, Compos Mentis
Mustasch Aflyst
The Psyke Project
Fu Manchu
Red Warszawa
The Burning, Boil, Die, End My Sorrow
Stone Sour, Mugshot
SOiL, Panic Cell
Deicide, Visceral Bleeding, Psycroptic
Arch Enemy, Coldworker, Path Of No Return
Satyricon, Sahg
Mercenary, Blow, Clonecircle
Red Warszawa
HateSphere, Dawn Of Demise
Illdisposed, Svartsot
Ill Niño Aflyst
Hate Eternal
Hate, Carpathian Forest, Keep Of Kalessin
Hypocrisy, Soilwork, Amorphis, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, Scar Symmetry
Monster Magnet Aflyst
Sunn O))), Earth
Dansk Metal Grand Prix - VoxHall - 3. februar 2006
Ill Niño
Bullet For My Valentine
Gorgoroth, 1349
Scamp, Exmortem, Dawn Of Demise
Red Warszawa, Insidiöus Törment
Behemoth, End Of Days, Koldborn, Mercenary, Mevadio, Volbeat
The Haunted
Enslaved, Vreid
Dansk Metal Grandprix - Finalen - VoxHall - 12. februar 2005
Red Warszawa
Within Temptation Aflyst
Deicide, Koldborn
Downset, Strapt, Demean - VoxHall - 5. november 2004
Red Warszawa
Mortiis, Susperia
Pro-Pain, Barcode
Deicide Aflyst
The Magic Bullet Theory - VoxHall - 4. juni 2004
Mayhem, Defiled
Fee Metal Festival - Bl.a: Hatesphere, GOAT, Horned Almighty,...: Horned Almighty, Insidiöus Törment, Dismember
Fee Metal Festival - As we fight, Compos Mentis, Exmortem,...: Compos Mentis, Exmortem, Illdisposed, Mnemic, Raunchy, Mindmare
Monster Magnet
Sick Of It All
Melody Maker Contest: Below, Mojo Pinball, Quit Søren A's... - VoxHall - 26. februar 2004
Red Warszawa, Monstah
Illdisposed, Compos Mentis
Nashville Pussy
HateSphere, Mnemic, 2 Ton Predator
Raging Speedhorn
The Hellacopters Aflyst
Satyricon, Khold
Red Warszawa