High Voltage

Axeltorv 3
1609 København


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Dato Koncert
The Black Cat 23rd Anniversary: The Devil & the Universe, Parzival
Mother of All, Endarken

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Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Crocell, HOAK
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Grumpynators, Granted Sin
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Faster Pussycat, The Art
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Lady, Basterd
Loksmith, STÜGG
Animalize, Mia Dae
CPH: ROCK: Falderebet, Ole & De Navnløse, Wilkinson
Sickenough, A Crow's Murder
High Voltage Julefrokost 2022: Grumpynators
Archangel, Taunus
Junkyard Drive
Nicklas Sonne
AnoxiA, Evil
Bad Business, Share the Silence
Urban Primate, Gone Sour
Søren Andersen
The Cruel Intentions, Catalano
Meridian, Steel Inferno
Wasted, Black Purple
The Ktulu Project, Rusted Pieces
Animalize, Sweet Evolution
Artillery, Metal Cross
Heidra, Vansind
Lilithian, GoatHawkBuffalo
Trouble Is, Veneer
The NimbWits, Urban Elite
The Boy That Got Away, Littlefish
Sick Sick Sinners, Stormtroopers of Love
Red Warszawa
Bloody Dice, Burning Anger
The Doves, Basterd
Witch Cross, Iron Fire
Stuck on Pluto, Broken Chains
Marco Mendoza Aflyst
From Dusk Till Dawn: Hola Ghost
Nordic Noise 2022 Warmup: Arsenic Addict, Ethereal Kingdoms
Kaiju, Hollow Hour
KillerDay, 3XB
Demolizer, Rat Eater
Withering Surface, PitchBlack
Skarnet, Urban Primate
Thorium, Detest Aflyst
Hollow Point, STÜGG
Original Fire, Belief Control
Trailer Trash, M.A.S.K.
Artillery, Persecutor
Blue Traffic Lights, FooN
Powergrill, Ole & De Navnløse
Wayl, Fall Back Down
Diplomatic Immunity, Trouble Is
Pain Breaks The Silence
Demolizer, Rat Eater Aflyst
Artillery, Persecutor Aflyst
Unseen Faith, Nothing Noble Aflyst
Artillery, Persecutor Aflyst
Demolizer, Rat Eater Aflyst
Trailer Trash, M.A.S.K.
High Voltage Jülefrokost 2022: Grumpynators
Wolves Among Us, Earn Your Scars
Freddy And The Phantoms, Trouble Is
Red Warszawa
Between Oceans, Hanging The Nihilist, Swan Mill
Urban Primate, Shake Your Mind
Rift Giant, Nervegas
High Voltage Halloween 2021: Hola Ghost
KillerDay, RAMBUK
Bloody Dice, Mother Mersy
Roselyn, Tranquilized Aflyst
PitchBlack, Cauterizer
Urkraft, TRWLR
Hollow Point, STÜGG
Silent Fracture, Deterium
Altar of Oblivion, DemonGrinder
Original Fire, Belief Control
Skullclub, X Teenage Rebels
Skullclub, X Teenage Rebels
The Natural Disasters
Pain Breaks The Silence
Royal Deceit
Satan's Lovesock, Troop Transport
Metal Cross, Steel Inferno
Alien Force
The Doves
Hola Ghost
Strawberry Slaughterhouse
Strawberry Slaughterhouse
Junkyard Drive
Shotgun Revolution
Shotgun Revolution
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Junkyard Drive Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse Aflyst
Hola Ghost Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse Aflyst
Shotgun Revolution Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse Aflyst
Boys From Heaven Aflyst
Mosaik Aflyst
The Vision Ablaze Aflyst
Parzival Aflyst
PitchBlack Aflyst
Statement Aflyst
Boys From Heaven Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse Aflyst
Shotgun Revolution Aflyst
Artillery Aflyst
High Voltage Jülefroköst 2020: Hola Ghost Aflyst
Hola Ghost
South Haven Aflyst
Odd Palace
Withering Surface
Seizing Blackwater, Diagnosed Diversity, Power Mode Aflyst
Blaze Bayley, Luke Appleton Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse, Fall Back Down Aflyst
South Haven, Kaiju Aflyst
High Voltage 7-års Fødselsdag: TBA Aflyst
Seizing Blackwater, Diagnosed Diversity, Power Mode Aflyst
Red Warszawa Aflyst
Red Warszawa, Demolizer Aflyst
Red Warszawa, Demolizer Aflyst
South Haven, Kaiju Aflyst
High Voltage 7-års Fødselsdag: TBA Aflyst
Seizing Blackwater, Diagnosed Diversity, Power Mode Aflyst
Warrior Soul, Shake Your Mind Aflyst
Strawberry Slaughterhouse, Fall Back Down Aflyst
Bulletboys, Razorbats Aflyst
Lost Angels, Razorbats Aflyst
Jared James Nichols, Wolf Jaw Aflyst
Social Addiction, RAMBUK Aflyst
Hva' Helved' - Metal på Musikmuseet Afterparty: Lifesick, Odd Palace
Pain Breaks The Silence, Magnolium
VA ROCKS, The NimbWits
Fjelding, AlphaBird
Bad Business, Skarnet
Twin Temple, Hola Ghost
Deterium, Hollow Point
MonoType, JFK Jr.
Train Of Pain
Livløs, Archangel, Shadowspawn
High Voltage New Years Party 2019/2020!: Siamese
Statement, Flush the Fashion
The Annual Prime Collective Christmas Bash!: Cartographs
The Road, President Fetch
High Voltage Jülefroköst 2019: Grumpynators, Stormtroopers of Love, Peter Sandorff
The Three Tremors, Electric Hellride, Hellshaker
Tainted Lady, Vulture Vibe
Skullclub, The Centipedes
MAD Birthday BASH: Posterity, Royal Mob, Silent Fracture
GZHU, The NimbWits, Razor Blades
High Voltage Halloween 2019: Sons Of Death Valley, Hanging The Nihilist
Michael Monroe, Grand Rezerva
Freddy And The Phantoms, Veneer
Vanir, Kurgan
Embryo, Cauterizer
Goodbye Kitty K, Cosmic Blackburst
Silent Fracture, GoatHawkBuffalo
SOTO, StOp, sToP, Scarlet Aura
Chris Holmes & The Mean Men, Pectora
Rift Giant, Gods Among Machines
Deterium, Hollow Point
Black Swamp Water, Zoo Me Now
South Haven, Dead Like Juliet, As Everything Unfolds, Meltdown
Grusom, Blue Rose Down
Kill Trip, Insign
Utobias, Hushup
Midnight Blues
Love the Bomb, Mosaik
The NimbWits, Killing
STÜGG, Social Addiction
High Voltage Redneck Rampage 2019: CKY, Loud 'N' Rowdy, De Gule Sinker
Artillery, Hidden Intent
Psy:code, Auralist
Intervals, Sithu Aye, The Omnific
Loud 'N' Rowdy, GoatHawkBuffalo
Columbian Neckties, Sun Bather
Kickin Valentina, Hellsmoke
Statement, Superdirt
Broadway Killers, Forever Unclean
Lucer, Moving In Stereo
FooN, Wish My Friends Were 21
Gøgereden, Blue Rose Down
Nord, Sparkhouse
Adam Bomb
Statement, Superdirt
Skullclub, Wayl
Zoo Me Now, Blackbeat
High Voltage Sixx Year B-day Bash!: allusinlove, Before Fire
Metalized #121 Release Party: The Road, Hadron, Diretone
Meridian, Horns
Cosmic Blackburst, Wasted
Hanging The Nihilist, Between Oceans, Auralist
M.A.S.K., Cloudy Avenue
Iron Fire, The Vision Ablaze
Altitudes + Attitude
Stillborn (SE), Skærsilden
Vanir, Faanefjell
Red Warszawa, Demolizer
Deterium, Feather Mountain
Demented Are Go, Trench
Hanging The Nihilist, Between Oceans, Auralist Aflyst
Spitanger, Grusom, Hearteater
Black Swamp Water, Black Oak County
High Voltage New Years Party 2018/19: Junkyard Drive
Impalers, Wasted
Grumpynators, Flush the Fashion
Forever Still, Eleine
Riverhead, Natjager
Cold Night for Alligators, Billy Boy In Poison
Artillery, REECE
Witch Cross, Shadowspawn
Taggy Tones, Songs The Devil Taught Me
Bad Fuel, Justify Rebellion
The Three Tremors, Benedictum
- Pop Punk Voltage 2018: Daycare For Jedi, Ingen Regler, Future Idiots, High School Dropouts, LIKE TORCHES
Rising, GoatHawkBuffalo, KillerDay
Bunkerstruck, 2nd Down
Sex Beat Records' 30-års fødselsdag: Hola Ghost, Stokes CPH
Nekromantix, Strawberry Slaughterhouse
HÖVRING, Under The Bunker
Midnight Blues
Junkyard Drive, Rolled Up Sleeves
Diretone, Skallbank
Goodbye Kitty K, Before Fire
Telescope For The Blind, What If?
PIQAIA, Auralist
Superloader, Lucer
- High Voltage Copenhagen Grand Re-Opening: Grusom, Grumpynators, Flush the Fashion, Manticora
Aphyxion, Unseen Faith, Cold Night for Alligators
Highway Jam
Hardline, Pretty Wild , Grand Rezerva
Defecto, Wasted
Red Warszawa, Vrävarna
Kickin Valentina, Pectora
The Peacocks
Grumpynators, Power Mode
Metalized - 30 Års Jubilæum: Statement, The Petulant
Necrosis, Mental Coma
Love Gun's XLII Bday Bash!: Skullclub, Tainted Lady
I'll Be Damned, Capital of Nowhere
Theory, Downfall, Wasted
Witch Cross, Steel Inferno
Shotgun Revolution
Barb Wire Dolls, X Teenage Rebels
Phil Rudd Band
Treat, Maverick, Charing Cross
SOTO, Vanadine
Demented Are Go
Lucer, Black Oak County
Junkyard Drive
KForKill, Inacave
Heidra, Vanir, Sylvatica Aflyst
Among Wolves, Between Oceans
Pectora, Downfall
Marco Mendoza
Geoff Tate
Red Warszawa
Grumpynators, Skullclub
Statement, Overdrive
Lagerloudz, The Centipedes
Artillery, Gods Among Machines
Impalers, The Petulant
Pretty Maids
Mental Coma, Pataus
Wasted, Evil Masquerade
Mala Costumbre
Dead Man Lee
La Mesa De Los Muertos, BAB O.D.
The Vision Ablaze, Devation
Woes, Northern Blues
Pinchbeck , Phoebus Cartel
The Creepshow
Raunchy, Electric Deathbeat, Wasteland, Expellow
Leaves' Eyes
Broken Hand Charity, Marrow
Strawberry Slaughterhouse, Goodbye Kitty K
High Voltage Rock Awards 2016: Denner/Shermann, I'll Be Damned, Grusom, Red Warszawa, The Vision Ablaze
Demented Are Go
Star Rats jam, Bai Bang
Reckless Love, Santa Cruz
Michael Monroe
Joe Lynn Turner
Biters, Libido Overdrive
Dead Man's Hand, Under The Bunker
Lipid, Electric Hellride
St. Prostitute, Abo
Sea, Honeymoon Disease
RAM, Pectora
Ironguard, Downfall
Red Warszawa
...and Oceans, Red Warszawa
Skullclub Aflyst
Artillery, Killing Gandhi
Loch Vostok, Blindead, One Hour Hell
Statement, Crime Club
Dead Man's Hand
Ford T, Scarlet Valve
High Voltage Rock Awards 2015: Supercharger, Solbrud, Förtress, Sea, Taras
Artillery, The NimbWits
Statement, The Killerhertz
H.E.A.T, Sherlock Brothers
Maiden Aalborg
Siamese Fighting Fish
Maiden United - High Voltage - 20. september 2014
Crucified Barbara , Supercharger
Raped In Reno - High Voltage - 13. september 2014
AC/DC jam - High Voltage - 7. juni 2014
The Last Vegas
Evil Masquerade
Dressed To Kiss - High Voltage - 17. april 2014
Dear Delusion
Jofro Hema, Mythery
Metallica Jam - High Voltage - 21. december 2013
Red Warszawa
Cold Black, Dreaming Avery, Three Above Seven - High Voltage - 6. december 2013
Black Succubi
Dregen, White Trash Presidents, Junkstars - High Voltage - 16. november 2013
Andromeda, Damnation Angels, Until Rain
Almost AC/DC - High Voltage - 9. november 2013
Forever Still, Keema - High Voltage - 2. november 2013
Suicide Bombers, Lagerloudz - High Voltage - 1. november 2013
Crashdïet - High Voltage - 25. oktober 2013
St. Prostitute, Turbochild - High Voltage - 19. oktober 2013
Royal Acid Orchestra, Riot Horse - High Voltage - 12. oktober 2013
Highway Jam - High Voltage - 6. september 2013
Foo Jam, Hoover Body Remover - High Voltage - 31. august 2013
Saint Rebel