Lille Vega

Enghavevej 40
1674 København V


Kommende arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Junkyard Drive, Black Oak County
Brutus (BE)
Twelve Foot Ninja Aflyst
Erra, Silent Planet, Invent Animate, Sentinels
Illdisposed, Vanir, Defacing God, Heidra

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Iotunn, Lamentari, Mother of All
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Gaahls Wyrd, Winterfylleth, Gaerea
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ORM, Offernat
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Leprous, The Ocean, Port Noir
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Between The Buried And Me
Læs anmeldelse
Deafheaven, Touché Amoré, Portrayal of Guilt
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Kvelertak, Halshug, Tempel
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Persefone, Defecto, Oddland
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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Woes (UK), Demob Happy
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Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, No Return
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When Copenhell Freezes Over 2018: BAEST, Konvent, Unseen Faith, Cabal, Junkyard Drive, Dirt Forge
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Thy Art Is Murder, After The Burial, Justice For The Damned, Oceano
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The Sword, Black Temple
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Ensiferum, Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum
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Monster Magnet, Church of Misery
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Mercenary, Essence, Electric Hellride
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The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted
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Paradise Lost, Outshine
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Soulfly, Lody Kong, Incite
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Life Of Agony, Death Angel
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
When Copenhell Freezes Over 2023: ORM, Feather Mountain, Omsorg, Kollapse, Nakkeknaekker, Plaguemace
Envy, Bossk
Counterparts, Justice For The Damned, Thrown
Sumac, Patrick Shiroishi
Fu Manchu, Electric Citizen
Mudhoney, Skinny Violet
- Vesterbro Rock Fest 2022: Junkyard Drive, Artemis, Blue Rose Down, Jora The Fortuneteller, About A Girl, Forever Still, FooN, Diplomatic Immunity, FES
Anti-Flag, NEXØ
1000Mods, The Well
When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2022: Lamentari, Daze of June, H.E.R.O., Galge, Eyes, Lifesick
VOLA, Port Noir
Suffocation, Belphegor, Hate Aflyst
Illdisposed, Vanir, Defacing God, Heidra Aflyst
The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings Of Saturn, Viscera Aflyst
Crystal Lake, Currents, Kingdom of Giants Aflyst
When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2022: Lamentari, Daze of June, H.E.R.O., Galge, Eyes, Lifesick Aflyst
Soen, Port Noir, Oceanhoarse
The Dogs, De Forbandede
Ghostemane Aflyst
- A Colossal Weekend 2021: We Stood Like Kings, Collider, A Burial At Sea, A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man, Aiming For Enrike, Alkymist, CLT DRP, HIRAKI, InTecnicolour, Kokomo, We Are Among Storms Aflyst
Igorrr, Otto Von Schirach, Drumcorps Aflyst
The Black Dahlia Murder, Rings Of Saturn, Viscera Aflyst
Ghostemane Aflyst
- A Colossal Weekend 2020: Mudhoney, Vi som älskade varandra så mycket, Neànder, Nadja, Noplace Trio, Aidan Baker, Oranssi Pazuzu, Sturle Dagsland, Plini, Collider, Heathe, Alkymist, We Are Among Storms, A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man, Late Night Venture Aflyst
1000Mods Aflyst
Ghostemane Aflyst
Igorrr, Author & Punisher, Otto Von Schirach Aflyst
The Mission, Catch The Breeze Aflyst
Russian Circles, Torche Aflyst
I Prevail, Dream State
Cannabis Corpse, Withered Aflyst
Knocked Loose, Malevolence, Justice For The Damned, Renounced
Earth, Helen Money
Boris, Årabrot
The Shaking Sensations, Late Night Venture, A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man
Ceremony, Mavourneen
Conan, Un, Sixes
Eyehategod, Deadnate
Ufomammut, Suma
The Ocean, Herod (CH), Årabrot, SÂVER
Haken, Bent Knee, VOLA
When Copenhell Freezes Over 2019: Xenoblight, Alkymist, Cold Night for Alligators, Sunless Dawn, (0), Tainted Lady
Tremonti, The Raven Age, Disconnected
Ihsahn, Ne Obliviscaris, Astrosaur
BAEST, I'll Be Damned, Ral.
Sinsaenum, HateSphere
YOB, Wiegedood
Slaves, Riverhead
Slægt, Maggot Heart
Deafheaven, Inter Arma
Defecto, Helhorse, Siamese, Aphyxion
Pallbearer, (0)
A Place To Bury Strangers
Bersærk, De Forbandede
Ensiferum, Ex Deo, Wind Rose
Hamferð, Svartmálm, Alkymist
Northlane, Erra, Invent Animate, Ocean Grove
Dead By April, Siamese
Dog Eat Dog, Ivy Crown, Natjager
British Lion, Kobra And The Lotus
, Cloakroom
When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2017: Forever Still, Aphyxion, LLNN, , Defecto, Woes
Mono, Alcest
Lacuna Coil
The Fall of Troy
Red Fang
- A Colossal Weekend: Russian Circles, Pelican, Vasa, Penguinsmeat, Town Portal, Recitation, Cult Of Luna, This Will Destroy You, Solbrud, pg.lost, Late Night Venture, , Svin
Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls , Ducking Punches
Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun, Hideous Divinity
Rising, I'll Be Damned, Oxx, EVRA, Slægt, Mandrake's Monster
Kataklysm, Septicflesh, Aborted
Periphery, Veil Of Maya, Good Tiger
High On Fire
Shining (NO)
Between The Buried And Me
Sick Of It All
Suicide Silence
Terror, Expire
Emmure, Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In Aflyst
Architects, Every Time I Die
Scott Ian spoken word: Scott Ian
Pentagram - Lille Vega - 15. juli 2014
Prong - Lille Vega - 18. april 2014
Glamour of the Kill
Jofro Hema
Jofro Hema
Iced Earth, Warbringer, Elm Street
Protest The Hero
Silverstein - Lille Vega - 3. december 2013
Saint Rebel
Saint Rebel
Cult Of Luna
The Sword, Bombus
Between The Buried And Me, Periphery, The Safety Fire
Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy, Revocation
Paradise Lost
HateSphere, Helhorse
Kvelertak, Trap Them , Toxic Holocaust, Wolves Like Us
Monster Magnet
Job For A Cowboy, Annotations Of An Autopsy , Trigger The Bloodshed
Fu Manchu
Sunn O)))
CKY - Lille Vega - 11. november 2009
Hot Leg, Starrats
Anti-Flag - Lille Vega - 22. marts 2009
Danko Jones
Five Finger Death Punch
Less Than Jake, Guttermouth - Lille Vega - 5. december 2008
Kill Hannah, My Passion - Lille Vega - 4. oktober 2008
Paradise Lost
The Used
American Head Charge - Lille Vega - 19. november 2006
Nick Oliveri and the Mondo Generator - Lille Vega - 7. november 2006
Strapping Young Lad
New Model Army
Coheed And Cambria
Bullet For My Valentine
Mastodon, Extol
Illdisposed, Fairytale Abuse
Mortiis, Susperia
HateSphere, As We Fight
Tr3ple P
Faith No More Jam, Black Sabbath Tribute - Lille Vega - 27. november 2003
Paradise Lost, Amorphis
Opeth, Extol
Mugshot, Nil By Mouth
Faith No More Jam - Lille Vega - 16. april 2003
Raging Speedhorn
Freak Kitchen
Metallica Jam, Ozzy Jam - Lille Vega - 6. december 2002
Satyricon, Khold
Schwartzwald Library - Lille Vega - 10. oktober 2002
Papa Roach, Murderdolls