Studiestræde 52
1554 København V


Kommende arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum
Igorrr, Otto Von Schirach, Drumcorps
Danko Jones
All Them Witches, SLIFT
Wolves In The Throne Room, Blood Incantation, Stygian Bough
Fu Manchu, Electric Citizen
Enter Shikari
Misery Index, Primitive Man, Ulthar, Gloom
Tribulation, Bölzer, Molassess
- Kill-Town Death Fest VIII - 10 Years of Death: Acephalix, Ascendency (DK), Asphyx, Astriferous, Atavisma, Blood Incantation, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, Burial Invocation, Cavurn, Carcinoid, Coffin Texts, Concrete Winds, Convocation, Cryptic Brood, Dead Congregation, Deathcult, Degial, Encoffination, Engulfed, Faceless Burial, Father Befouled, Gorephilia, Hyperdontia, Innumerable Forms, Interment, Krypts, Mortal Wound, Morta Skuld, Mortiferum, Ossuary, Proscription, Sijjin, Sněť, Vanhelgd, Void Rot, Witch Vomit
The Ocean, pg.lost, Hypno5e, Svalbard
Palaye Royale
Corrosion of Conformity, Spirit Adrift
Wolfheart, Mors Principium Est, Bloodred Hourglass, Atlas
BAEST, Katla
BAEST, Mass Worship
Uada, Velnias, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Solbrud Aflyst
Mono, A.A. Williams
Udgårdsfest 2021: Vanir, Heidra, LOS, Lamentari, Vansind, Lotan
The Dead Daisies Aflyst
Danko Jones Aflyst
Demon Head, Slægt, Shaam Larein Aflyst
Demon Head, Slægt, Shaam Larein Aflyst
Tribulation, Bölzer, Molassess Aflyst

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
ORM, Nils Gröndahl
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Alcest, Kælan Mikla, Birds in Row
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When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2020: Bersærk, Siamese, Xenoblight, VOLA, BAEST, D-A-D
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Konvent, Morild, Eyes, Katla
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Mayhem, Gaahls Wyrd, Gost, Voodus
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Motionless In White, Skold
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Jinjer, The Agonist , Khroma, Space Of Variations
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Cult Of Luna, Brutus, This Gift Is A Curse
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Prong, Statement
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The HU
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Septicflesh, Krisiun, Incite, When Reasons Collapse
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Bersærk, Dirt Forge
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Amaranthe, Follow the Cipher, Warkings
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Myrkur, Jo Quail
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Zeal & Ardor, NYOS
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Enslaved, High On Fire, Krakow
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- Kill-Town Death Fest VI - The Resurrection: Demilich, Blood Incantation, Hooded Menace, Necrot, Pissgrave, Venenum, Necros Christos, Phrenelith, Grave Miasma, Rippikoulu, Wormridden, Spectral Voice, Reptilian, Triumvir Foul, Taphos, Torture Rack, Cemetery Urn, Necrowretch, Galvanizer, Scolex, Antiversum, Cadaveric Incubator, Dead Void, Fetid, Deiquisitor, Mefitic, Mortiferum, Sempiternal Dusk, Hyperdontia, Ascended Dead, Undergang, Derkéta, Runemagick, Incantation Læs reportage
Shinedown, Ego Kill Talent
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Monster Magnet, ¡Pendejo!, Table Scraps
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Avatar, Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow, Old Kerry Mckee
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Trivium, Power Trip, Venom Prison
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Heaven Shall Burn, August Burns Red, Whitechapel, In Hearts Wake
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Motionless In White, Cane Hill, Ice Nine Kills
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Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, Swart Crown
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Sólstafir, Myrkur, Árstíðir
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Paradise Lost, Pallbearer, Sinistro
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Belphegor, Enthroned, Svart Crown, NervoChaos
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Slam-It! 2017: Issues, Crown The Empire, State Champs, Aphyxion, Siamese, Cabal, Natjager, Odd Temple, Hearteater
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Max & Igor Cavalera, JustinHate
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Katatonia, Agent Fresco, VOLA
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Sonata Arctica, Twilight Force
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Fear Factory, Textures
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Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Abiotic
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Monster Magnet
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Eluveitie, Skálmöld, Vexillum
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Moonspell, Dagoba
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Paradise Lost, Lucifer
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Læs anmeldelse
Morbid Angel, Rêverie
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Anathema, Mother's Cake
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Immolation, Broken Hope, Sweetest Devilry
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Annihilator, The Generals
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Læs anmeldelse
Læs anmeldelse
Denial Of God, Death Rides a Horse
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Pain Of Salvation Aflyst
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Fear Factory
Læs anmeldelse
Saxon, Iced Earth
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Dark Tranquillity, Poisonblack
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Cavalera Conspiracy
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Iced Earth, Annihilator
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Stone Sour, Mugshot
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
The Ocean, pg.lost, Hypno5e, Svalbard Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 9: Deiquisitor, Chaotian, Strychnos Aflyst
The New Shit Showcase årgang 2020: Cowards, Lamentari, Demersal, Taunus, Foreshadower, Throwe Aflyst
Undergang, Septage Aflyst
H.E.R.O. Aflyst
Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum Aflyst
Undergang, Dead Void, Septage
Eyes, Tvivler, praytell
Afsky, Offermose, Glemsel
Afsky, Offermose, Wulfaz
Afsky, Offermose, Katla
Belphegor, Incantation, Horna, Necrosy Aflyst
Asking Alexandria Aflyst
ORM, Nils Gröndahl
Faun Aflyst
Enter Shikari Aflyst
Solbrud, Alkymist
Solbrud, Alkymist
Batushka, Solbrud, Superlynx Aflyst
LLNN, (0)
Fu Manchu, Electric Citizen Aflyst
BAEST, Katla Aflyst
BAEST, Mass Worship Aflyst
W.A.S.P. Aflyst
Livløs, Dirt Forge Aflyst
- Kill-Town Death Fest VIII - 10 Years of Death: Acephalix, Ascendency (DK), Asphyx, Astriferous, Atavisma, Blood Incantation, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, Burial Invocation, Cavurn, Carcinoid, Coffin Texts, Concrete Winds, Convocation, Cryptic Brood, Dead Congregation, Deathcult, Degial, Encoffination, Engulfed, Faceless Burial, Father Befouled, Gorephilia, Hyperdontia, Innumerable Forms, Interment, Krypts, Mortal Wound, Morta Skuld, Mortiferum, Ossuary, Proscription, Sijjin, Sněť, Vanhelgd, Void Rot, Witch Vomit Aflyst
- Udgårdsfest 2020: Unleashed, Einherjer, Varang Nord, Heidra, Ethereal Kingdoms Aflyst
Municipal Waste, Night Fever Aflyst
BAEST, Katla Aflyst
BAEST, Mass Worship Aflyst
Alien Weaponry Aflyst
We Came As Romans Aflyst
Danko Jones Aflyst
Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum Aflyst
Primordial, Moonsorrow, Rome Aflyst
Lionheart, Lifesick Aflyst
Uada, Grift, Velnias, Solbrud Aflyst
Set It Off, Broadside, Cemetery Sun Aflyst
Born Of Osiris, Volumes, Oceans Ate Alaska, Defying Decay Aflyst
BAEST, Katla Aflyst
BAEST, Mass Worship Aflyst
Palaye Royale, Charming Liars
New Years Day, LOWLIVES
Icon for Hire, Halflives
Starset, Ivy Crown
Monuments, Heart of a Coward
3teeth, Arquebus
Equilibrium, Lord Of the Lost, Nailed To Obscurity
Takida, Normandie
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 5: Dead Congregation, Undergang, Taphos, Deiquisitor
Marduk, Attic, Unlight
GWAR, Voivod, Childbrain
Delain, Arkona
Queensrÿche, Firewind
Fever 333
Bokassa, Puppy, Social Addiction
Max & Igor Cavalera, Healing Magic
Night of the Black Attack 4.0: Sinnrs, Morild, Redwood Hill, Slægt
Sacred Reich, Night Demon
Kadavar, Hällas
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Beast in Black, Myrath
Gåte, Ættir
- Kill-Town Death Fest VII: The Decompomorphosis: Abhorrence, Tomb Mold, Vastum, Obliteration, Coffins, Abysmal Dimensions, Adversarial, Anatomia, Antediluvian, Assumption, Bastard Grave, Black Curse, Chaotian, Chthe'ilist, Corpsessed, Dead Void, Drowned, Druid Lord, Funebrarum, Funeral Moth, Ghastly, Grave, Lucifericon, Mitochondrion, Malthusian, Mortuous, Necrovation, Of Feather and Bone, Phobocosm, Profetus, Tchornobog, Ritual Necromancy, Suffering Hour, Superstition, Taphos, The Dead Creed, Transgressor, Kever, Ignivomous, Har
Kill-Town Death Fest VII: Warm-Up: Eskhaton, Altarage, Ascendency
Turnstile, Nyt Liv
OM, The Bug
- Udgårdsfest 2019: Moonsorrow, Trollfest, Vanir, Thorium, Gjaldulei, Afsky, Wulfaz, Sylvatica
WOA Metal Battle 2019 Finale: Demolizer, Katla, Everything is Terrible, Molok, Xenoblight
Monster Truck, Royal Tusk
Indisciplinarian Fest 2019: Bastard Grave, Eyes, Sebastian Wolff, Alkymist, Sons of Cain, Nyt Liv, Morild
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 2: Convulse, Undergang, Cadaveric Incubator, Chaotian
Battle Beast, Arion
Nothing More, Black Peaks
The Vintage Caravan, Black Mirrors
Frog Leap
Saint Vitus, Dopelord
Chris Shiflett
Demon Head, Ultra Silvam, Offermose
Escape The Fate, Slaves, The World Over
The New Shit Showcase 2019: Pudsige Herrer, (0), Drukner, Expatriated, Eyes, Human
Enter Shikari, Milk Teeth
Danko Jones, Flush the Fashion
Career Suicide, Night Fever, The War Goes On, Noise Family, Larma
Naglfar, Schammasch, Anomalie
Illdisposed, Spitanger, 9000 John Doe
Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted, Cytotoxin
TesseracT, Between The Buried And Me, Plini
Skeletonwitch, Mantar, Deathrite
Black Stone Cherry, Monster Truck
Kataklysm, Hypocrisy, The Spirit
Graveyard, Hällas
Hank Von Hell
Watain, Rotting Christ, Profanatica
The Amity Affliction, The Plot in You, Endless Heights, Dream State
Hammerfall, Armored Dawn
Godflesh, Author & Punisher
The Melvins
Voivod, Bio-Cancer
Crossfaith, Blood Youth, Normandie
Lower Than Atlantis Aflyst
Killtown Deathfest Warm Up 2018: Coffins, Undergang, Bastard Grave, Ultra Silvam
Northlane, Daze of June
COVEN, Demon Head
Slam-It! 2018: Betraying The Martyrs, Being As An Ocean, Rolo Tomassi, Cabal, MØL, Acres, Royal Mob, Cartographs, Sons Of Death Valley
WOA Metal Battle 2018 - Finale: Xenoblight, Pudsige Herrer, Ethereal Kingdoms, Genfærd
Indisciplinarian Fest 2018: Solbrud, ORM, Rising, Parasight, Smertegrænsens Toldere, UxDxS, Big Mess
Eyehategod, Quitters
The Dead Daisies, The New Roses
Bury Tomorrow, Psy:code
Earthless, Comet Control
Of Mice & Men
Gus G., Jesper Binzer
Bell Witch, Monarch, Bethmoora
Immolation, Full Of Hell, Monument Of Misanthropy
Obituary, Exmortus, Deadflesh
Venom Inc., Suffocation, Nervosa, Aeternam
Carnifex, Oceano, Aversions Crown, Disentomb
Fu Manchu
Defeated Sanity, Deus Otiosus
Corroded, The Hawkins
Miss May I, Fit For A King, Void Of Vision, Currents
Falling In Reverse
Execration, Slægt, Reptilian
The New Shit Showcase: Archives of Alaska, Wölfblood, Heathe, Hiraki, Morild, Ethereal Kingdoms
Royal Thunder
Nothing More
The Raven Age
Kadavar, Death Alley
Leprous, Agent Fresco, Alithia, Astrosaur
Neck Deep
Neck Deep, It Is, Real Friends, Blood Youth
Satyricon, Suicidal Angels
All Them Witches
Ulcerate, Defilementory
August Burns Red
Macabre, Red Warszawa
Elder, King Buffalo
Issues, Crown The Empire, State Champs, Aphyxion, Siamese, Cabal, Natjager, Heatheater, Northern Blues
Bongzilla, Slowjoint, Cacus, Bethmoora, Dreich
Funebrarum, Phrenelith, Undergang, Taphos
Saint Vitus, Tombstones
Bölzer, Denial Of God, Serpents Lair
Attila, Carcer City
Havok, Warbringer, Gorod, Exmortus
Children of Bodom
Blood Incantation, Cruciamentum, Taphos
Trash Talk
Vimic Aflyst
Angelcorpse, Degial, Vorum, Phrenelith
Chelsea Grin, Betraying The Martyrs, Make Them Suffer, Void Of Vision
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Touché Amoré
The New Shit Showcase: BAEST, Iotunn, The Ritual, Svartmálm, Dreich, Silhouette
The Amity Affliction, Northlane, Stray From The Path, Wage War
RETURN TO ROOTS: Max and Igor Cavalera
Killing Joke
Obituary, Exodus, Prong, King Parrot
Billy Talent
Architects, Stick To Your Guns, Bury Tomorrow
Delain, Evergrey, Kobra And The Lotus
Powerwolf, Civil War
Weekend Nachos
Subrosa, Sinistro, Bellhound Choir
Blues Pills, Kadavar
Black Peaks, HECK
YOB, Black Cobra
ORM, Afsky
Dødheimsgard, Diskord, Slægt
Magrudergrind, Primitive Man
This Gift Is A Curse, Hexis
Symphony X
Backyard Babies
The New Shit Showcase pt. III: The Hyle, Grusom, MØL, Woes, Cruelty’s Heart
Destruction, Artillery
Belphegor, Hate, Vital Remains, Ethereal
Kadavar, The Shrine, Horisont
Today Is The Day, Grime, Piss Vortex
Cradle of Filth, Ne Obliviscaris
God is an Astronaut
Elder, Mos Generator, The Order Of Israfel
Soulfly, Aphyxion
Harms Way, The Southern Oracle, Halshug, No Fealty, Czar
The Ocean
Melechesh, Keep Of Kalessin
Refused, Beyond Pink
While She Sleeps, Cancer Bats
Skeletonwitch, Goatwhore, Mortals
Total Carnage Fest: Horned Almighty, By the Patient, LLNN
Texas in July
Betraying The Martyrs, Texas in July, Upon This Dawning, More Than A Thousand
The New Shit Showcase vol. II: Gaia, Pataus, Serpents Lair, Crassus, Odonata, EVRA
Dead Congregation, Zom, Undergang
Ulcerate, Wormed, Gigan, Solace Of Requiem
Aborted, Origin, Exhumed, Miasmal
Hollywood Undead
Fu Manchu
Animals as Leaders, TesseracT
In Solitude, Beastmilk
The Psyke Project
Saint Rebel
Defilementory, Piss Vortex - Pumpehuset - 4. september 2014
Misery Index
Black Book Lodge
Destruction pt II: Ajuna, Anti Ritual, Piss Vortex - Pumpehuset - 7. juni 2014
WAF Jam 2014 - Pumpehuset - 26. april 2014
Gorgoroth, Vital Remains
Red Fang, Lord Dying
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, The Oath - Pumpehuset - 27. marts 2014
Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed
Skambankt - Pumpehuset - 28. februar 2014
Beastmilk - Pumpehuset - 20. februar 2014
Kataklysm, Krisiun, Fleshgod Apocalypse
The New Shit Showcase: Decay Of Existence, L.A. Collection,... - Pumpehuset - 11. januar 2014
Fall of Pantheon
Marduk, Grave, Death Wolf, Valkyrja
Redwood Hill
Karnivool - Pumpehuset - 11. november 2013
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Invisius, Cold Night for Alligators
Barricade, Pet the Preacher
Nordic Noise Festival: Siamese Fighting Fish, Shotgun Revolution, Dance with Dirt, Stella Blackrose, Bullet Train Blast
Nordic Noise Festival : Shotgun Revolution, Siamese Fighting Fish, Dance with Dirt, Stella Blackrose, Bullet Train Blast
Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage, Havok
Repulsion, Undergang, Dead Instrument - Pumpehuset - 10. maj 2013
Beneath The Massacre, War From A Harlots Mouth, Gorod, As They Burn
Horned Almighty, Solbrud, Eldjudnir
Rotten Sound
Sonata Arctica
Lacuna Coil
August Burns Red, Whitechapel
Red Warszawa
MARDUK (SE), MELECHESH (IL), support (TBA) - Pumpehuset - 1. november 2012
Saint Rebel
Fu Manchu spiller ‘The Action Is Go’ - Pumpehuset - 6. oktober 2012
Leprous, Loch Vostok, Persefone
Nasum (SE), support: Black Breath (US), Massgrave (CA) - Pumpehuset - 22. september 2012
Illdisposed – releasefest, support: Eciton - Pumpehuset - 21. september 2012
Total Carnage Fest II – Massdistraction (S), Deus Otiosus (DK... - Pumpehuset - 15. september 2012
Suffocation, Origin, Unbreakable Hatred
3 Inches Of Blood, Goatwhore, Angelus Apatrida
Raunchy, The Interbeing, SIC, VOLA
Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats
Confession, The Ghost Inside
Corpus Mortale, Spectral Mortuary, Abscission, Castrensis
Norma Jean (US), The Chariot (US), Dead And Divine (CA),... - Pumpehuset - 20. marts 2012
Pain Of Salvation
3rd Tsunami Showcase: The Psyke Project, Stella Blackrose m.fl. - Pumpehuset - 25. februar 2012
Caliban, All Shall Perish, Eyes Set To Kill
Yggdrasil, Huldre, Heidra
Lizzy Borden
Kreator, Exodus, Death Angel Aflyst
Amorphis Aflyst
Alestorm, Sabaton, Orphaned Land Aflyst
The Burning, Raunchy, Invocator Aflyst
Mnemic, The Psyke Project
Lacuna Coil
Mustasch, Karma Cowboys
Dawn Of Demise, Illdisposed, HateSphere
Chimaira, Unearth, Throwdown,
Suicidal Tendencies, Last Mile
36 Crazyfists, Poison The Well
All That Remains, The Haunted
Anathema, Demians
Scars On Broadway
White Lion
Coheed And Cambria
The Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison The Well
Porcupine Tree, Pure Reason Revolution
Lamb Of God, Chimaira, Unearth
Trivium, Annihilator
Melvins, Big Business, Porn - Pumpehuset - 6. april 2007
UFO, Mob Rules
Bloodhound Gang - Pumpehuset - 1. marts 2007
Arch Enemy, Coldworker, Path Of No Return
White Lion
Uli Jon Roth
Lacuna Coil, Poisonblack
Black Label Society Aflyst
Ill Niño Aflyst
Hatebreed, HateSphere, Raunchy
Clawfinger, Treekillaz
Dave Weckl Band - Pumpehuset - 27. april 2006
Fear Factory, Misery Index
Monster Magnet Aflyst
Ill Niño
Arch Enemy, Trivium
Mike Tramp
Classic Rock Event: Led Zeppelin Experience, Black Sabbath... - Pumpehuset - 8. oktober 2005
Red Warszawa
Mudslide, Vira
Classic Rock Event: Zeppelin Experience, Black Sabbath... - Pumpehuset - 5. marts 2005
The Haunted, Insision Aflyst
Within Temptation
Raunchy, Volbeat
Mike Tramp
Machine Head, God Forbid
Saxon, Dream Evil
Red Warszawa
Papa Roach
Retaliation Tour: Mercenary, Mnemic, HateSphere, ... - Pumpehuset - 2. oktober 2004
The Magic Bullet Theory - Pumpehuset - 30. maj 2004
Roots Of Metal: Mudslide, Silence - Pumpehuset - 18. april 2004
Skid Row
Hughes-Turner Project - Pumpehuset - 24. marts 2004
Monster Magnet
Classic Rock Event: Black Sabbath Tribute, Deep Purple Jam,... - Pumpehuset - 28. februar 2004
Machine Head, Mnemic
Thin Lizzy
Red Warszawa
Mike Tramp
Hammerfall, Dream Evil, Masterplan
Sum 41 - Pumpehuset - 8. januar 2003
Pretty Maids
Red Warszawa