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Dato Koncert
Thy Art Is Murder, Malevolence, King 810, Justice For The Damned, Alluvial
Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Crowbar
Black Stone Cherry, The Lazys
Skagarack, Rene Shades
Devin Townsend
- Nordic Noise 2022: Blind Guardian, Soilwork, Tygers of Pan Tang, Konkhra, Manticora, Detest, Artillery, Liv Sin, Electric Boys, Transport League, Kickin Valentina, Thorium
1914, Konvent, Livløs, (0)
Joe Satriani
Eagles Of Death Metal
Aborted, The Acacia Strain , Hideous Divinity, Fleddy Melculy
Blackberry Smoke, The Steel Woods
Apocalyptica, Epica, Wheel
Katatonia, Sólstafir
H.E.A.T, Nestor
Amaranthe, Beyond The Black
The Darkness
Necro Fest 2021: BAEST, Killing, SLET DET, Kampvogn, Plaguemace
Electric Guitars
Heaven Shall Burn, Trivium, TesseracT, Fit For An Autopsy
Beast in Black, Mister Misery, Nestruction
Thy Art Is Murder, Malevolence, King 810, Alpha Wolf, Orbit Culture Aflyst
Black Stone Cherry, The Lazys Aflyst
Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Crowbar Aflyst
Shotgun Revolution, The Doves
Aborted, The Acacia Strain , Hideous Divinity, Cult of Lilith Aflyst
Mike Tramp

Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
CMF 2021 - MØL
Læs anmeldelse
CMF 2021 - Saturnus: CMF 2021 - Saturnus
Læs anmeldelse
CMF 2021 - Lamentari
Læs anmeldelse
- CMF 2021 - Aphyxion
Læs anmeldelse
CMF 2021 - Solbrud
Læs anmeldelse
- Copenhagen Metal Fest 2021: Cabal, Saturnus, CLIENTS, Lamentari, MØL, Iotunn, Deadnate, Aphyxion, Eyes, Chronicle, The Dark Overlords, Feather Mountain, Solbrud, Furious Trauma, Sylvatica, Shadowspawn, Defecto, Hearteater, Persecutor, Idaslet, Endarken, Eciton, Sansera, Wayward Dawn Læs reportage
Metal Aid 2021 Part 2: Denial Of God, Horned Almighty, Ættir
Læs anmeldelse
- Nordic Noise 2021: Illdisposed, Timechild, HateSphere, Pectora, Meridian, Mercenary, Statement
Læs anmeldelse
Testament, Exodus, Death Angel
Læs anmeldelse
Eluveitie, Lacuna Coil, Infected Rain
Læs anmeldelse
Læs anmeldelse
Life Of Agony, Doyle, GoatHawkBuffalo
Læs anmeldelse
Killswitch Engage, Revocation, TENSIDE
Læs anmeldelse
Machine Head
Læs anmeldelse
As I Lay Dying, Chelsea Grin, Unearth, Fit For A King
Læs anmeldelse
- Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019: Illdisposed, Sunless Dawn, Billy Boy In Poison, Defacing God, Silent Fracture, Sinnrs, South Haven, Urkraft, Livløs, The Interbeing, Artillery, Electric Hellride, Unseen Faith, The Petulant, Killing, Archangel, Bersærk, Grusom, Spitanger, Deus Otiosus, Ethereal Kingdoms, Sunken, Psy:code, Heidra Læs reportage
P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm, '68
Læs anmeldelse
Amorphis, Soilwork, Jinjer, Nailed To Obscurity
Læs anmeldelse
Rammstein Jam , School's Out
Læs anmeldelse
Pretty Maids
Læs anmeldelse
Papa Roach, Blindside
Læs anmeldelse
Seether, Sons of Texas, LTNT
Læs anmeldelse
Breaking Benjamin
Læs anmeldelse
Læs anmeldelse
Anthrax, The Raven Age
Læs anmeldelse
Devin Townsend Project , Between The Buried And Me, Leprous
Læs anmeldelse
Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork, Aborted
Læs anmeldelse
Life Of Agony
Læs anmeldelse
Entombed A.D., Voivod, Conan
Læs anmeldelse
Ghost, Dead Soul
Læs anmeldelse
Death To All, Abysmal Dawn, Loudblast
Læs anmeldelse
Dropkick Murphys
Læs anmeldelse
Læs anmeldelse
Læs anmeldelse
Kvelertak, Årabrot, Gerilja, Förtress
Læs anmeldelse
Coheed And Cambria
Læs anmeldelse
Læs anmeldelse
Cannibal Corpse, DevilDriver, Hour Of Penance, The Black Dahlia Murder
Læs anmeldelse
Pretty Maids, Artillery
Læs anmeldelse
The Arcane Order, Svartsot, Dawn Of Demise, A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light, Carcass
Læs anmeldelse
Fatal Smile, Dio
Læs anmeldelse
Metallica Jam, Breakin' The Law (Priest Jam) - Amager Bio - 2. november 2007
Læs anmeldelse
Pretty Maids, Switchblade
Læs anmeldelse
The Psyke Project, Illdisposed, Mercenary, In Flames
Læs anmeldelse
Disturbed, Nevermore
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Saga Aflyst
Clawfinger Aflyst
Skagarack, Rene Shades Aflyst
Red Aflyst
Jesper Binzer
Metal Aid 2021 Part 2: Iron Fire, Forever Still, Shadowspawn, Trold
Danzig Aflyst
- Prime Fest 2021: Crystal Lake, Heart of a Coward, The Fall of Troy, While She Sleeps, Siamese, Agent Fresco, Blood Youth, Cabal, Viscera, Eyes, LLNN, Palmist, Lifesick, DETHRXNER Aflyst
- Metal Aid 2021: Artillery, Svartsot, Slægt, Withering Surface, Heidra, Demolizer, Lotan, Ethereal Kingdoms
Furious Trauma, PitchBlack
Amaranthe, Beyond The Black Aflyst
Jesper Binzer Aflyst
Joe Satriani Aflyst
Furious Trauma, PitchBlack Aflyst
Apocalyptica, Epica, Wheel Aflyst
Daze of June, Between Oceans, Auralist Aflyst
Julerock 2020: Grumpynators, Junkyard Drive Aflyst
Amaranthe, Beyond The Black Aflyst
Silvera, Lucer, Blue Rose Down Aflyst
Apocalyptica, Epica, Wheel Aflyst
Slægt, Shamash
Clawfinger Aflyst
Cabal, Unseen Faith, ROT AWAY
- Copenhagen Metal Fest 2020: Saturnus, Aphyxion, Iotunn, Deadnate, Hearteater, Demolizer, Xenoblight, I'll Be Damned, Wayward Dawn, Ættir, CLIENTS, Lamentari, MØL, (0), Undergang, Chronicle, Feather Mountain, Eciton Aflyst
Red Warszawa
Artillery, Manticora
Danzig Aflyst
Prime Fest 2020: Agent Fresco, Issues, Siamese, Humanity's Last Breath, Heart of a Coward, MØL, Sleep Token, Cabal, Solence, Holding Absence, VOLA, Awake the Dreamer, Lifesick, Our Mirage, Odd Palace Aflyst
- Nordic Noise 2020: Denner's Inferno, Borknagar, The Haunted, HateSphere, Eclipse, Kickin Valentina, Justify Rebellion, Transport League Aflyst
Joe Satriani Aflyst
Hammerfall, Dragonforce Aflyst
Tony MacAlpine Aflyst
Kvelertak, Blood Command
Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Rivers Of Nihil, Fit For An Autopsy, I Am
Crossfaith, Ocean Grove, Black Futures
The Darkness, DZ Deathrays
Abbath, 1349, VLTIMAS, Nuclear
Sum 41, Zebrahead
Steel Panther, Wayward Sons
Pretty Maids Aflyst
Devin Townsend, Haken
Powerwolf, Gloryhammer
Skillet, Devour the Day
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Kid Kapichi
Shotgun Revolution, Rene Shades
Uriah Heep, Royal Hunt
Airbourne, Supersuckers
Sisters Of Mercy, A.A. Williams
Red Warszawa, Vrävarna, Demolizer
Dr. Rock Aid - Støttekoncert for Steffen Jungersen: Mike Tramp, Johan Olsen, Søren Andersen, Knud Møller, Freddy And The Phantoms, Lucer, Junkyard Drive, Falling Hazard
Deadland Ritual Aflyst
Atreyu, Daze of June Aflyst
Symphony X, Savage Messiah
- Nordic Noise 2019: Candlemass, Electric Boys, Junkyard Drive, The Night Flight Orchestra, Tygers of Pan Tang, Mike Tramp, Ethereal Kingdoms, Tainted Lady
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Bersærk
Alestorm, Skálmöld, Bootyard Bandits
Prime is Giving 2019: Defecto, Helhorse, Siamese, Grusom, Cold Night for Alligators, Sunless Dawn, Ivy Crown, Blind Channel
Pretty Maids, Superloader, H.E.R.O.
Pretty Maids, Statement, Hellsmoke
Enter Shikari, Lower Than Atlantis, Astroid Boys
Metallica Jam, GuitarRebels
Red Warszawa, Artillery, Svartsot
Bad Religion
The Dead Daisies, Black Oak County
Arcturus, Iotunn
Napalm Death, Brujeria, Iron Reagan
Pain Of Salvation
Asking Alexandria
Epica, Skálmöld
Rammstein Jam
Black Stone Cherry Aflyst
Meshuggah, High On Fire
Pretty Maids
Saxon, Girlschool
Pierce The Veil, Letlive
Metallica Jam
Ugly Kid Joe
Blue Öyster Cult
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Combichrist, Filter, Lord Of the Lost
Ensiferum, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Heidra
Royal Hunt
Deafheaven, Myrkur
Michael schenker's Temple Of Rock, Coldspell
Behemoth, Abbath, Entombed A.D., Inquisition
Alien Ant Farm, The Dirty Youth
Vikings on tour: Huldre, Virelai, Asynje, Krauka
Pretty Maids, Hammerfall
Children of Bodom, Sylosis
Eagles Of Death Metal Aflyst
Led Zeppelin Jam, Cloudland
Bullet For My Valentine, While She Sleeps
Guns N' Roses Jam, Metallica Jam
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Midnight Blues, Witch Cross, Bonafide
Blackberry Smoke
Saga, Stereoattack
Madball, Deez Nuts, Stick To Your Guns, Trash Talk, Being As An Ocean
Red Warszawa
Steven Wilson
Black Veil Brides
Rammstein Jam , Foo Fighters Jam
Devin Townsend, Periphery, Shining (NO)
Halestorm, Nothing More, Wilson
Moonchild, AC/DC Power Jam
Back In Black
Meshuggah, The Interbeing
Pretty Maids
Parkway Drive, Carnifex, Heaven Shall Burn
Rise Against
Saxon, Skid Row
Cannibal Corpse, Revocation, Aeon
Metallica Jam, Rage Against The Machine Jam
Black Stone Cherry
Uli Jon Roth
Scarred by Beauty
Madball, Biohazard
Red Warszawa
Fates Warning
Rammstein Jam, AC/DC Jam - Amager Bio - 21. marts 2014
Moonchild, Guns N' Roses Jam - Amager Bio - 14. marts 2014
Back In Black - Amager Bio - 7. marts 2014
Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, In Solitude, Svartjern, Inquisition
Royal Hunt, Cloudscape
Steel Panther - Amager Bio - 14. februar 2014
Pretty Maids, Artillery
Black Star Riders
Papa Roach
Soilwork, Keep Of Kalessin, Sybreed
Metallica Jam, The Black Rose - Amager Bio - 1. november 2013
Children of Bodom, Insomnium
Orphaned Land
Nile, Ex Deo
ASIA - Amager Bio - 9. september 2013
Saturnus, Corpus Mortale
1-Day Hardcore Showdown: Wall Of Jericho m.fl. - Amager Bio - 17. august 2013
Valiant Thorr - Amager Bio - 25. juli 2013
Bring Me The Horizon
Killswitch Engage
Red Warszawa
Stratovarius, Amaranthe
Back in Black - Amager Bio - 8. marts 2013
Moonchild (Iron Maiden Jam), support - Amager Bio - 1. marts 2013
Mark Tremonti - Amager Bio - 2. februar 2013
Kreator, Morbid Angel, Nile, Fueled By Fire
Pretty Maids
Europe, Mustasch
Fear Factory
Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Caliban
Manticora, Forcentury
Steven Wilson
Steel Panther - Amager Bio - 14. marts 2012
Pretty Maids
Saxon, Anvil
Hammerfall, Riot, Amaranthe
Nile, Melechesh, Bibleblack
Suicidal Angels , Death Angel, Exodus, Kreator
Pretty Maids, Freak Kitchen
Avenged Sevenfold
Amorphis, Orphaned Land
Sabaton, Orphaned Land, Alestorm
Pretty Maids
Bloodhound Gang - Amager Bio - 1. juli 2009
Gojira, Vira
Filter Aflyst
Pretty Maids
Black Label Society, Dope
Metallica Jam, Support - Amager Bio - 31. oktober 2008
Raunchy, Pilgrimz, Last Mile
Joe Satriani - Amager Bio - 5. juni 2008
Serj Tankian - Amager Bio - 9. april 2008
Alter Bridge
Pretty Maids
Soilwork, Volbeat, HateSphere, Mnemic
King Diamond Aflyst
Type O Negative
Thin Lizzy
Cradle of Filth, Deathstars
Glenn Hughes, Iron Fire
King Diamond, Loch Vostok, Secret Sphere
Thin Lizzy
Classic Rock Event: Zeppelin Experience, Black Sabbath... - Amager Bio - 1. april 2006
Starrats, Royal Hunt, Iron Fire
Danish Metal Awards 2005 - Amager Bio - 26. november 2005
Royal Hunt
Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker Group
Saturnus, Volbeat, eXcm
Cradle of Filth, Moonspell
Thin Lizzy
Henry Rollins - Amager Bio - 17. januar 2005
Uriah Heep
Classic Rock Event: Zeppelin Experience, Deep Purple Jam,... - Amager Bio - 4. september 2004
W.A.S.P., Dragonforce
Blindfault, Sacrificial
Helloween, Rage
Helloween, Rage
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force - Amager Bio - 10. april 2003
Saga, Ray Wilson
Metallica Jam, Guns N' Roses Jam - Amager Bio - 8. november 2002