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When Copenhell Freezes Over 2015

Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
- Royal Metal Fest 2021: Soilwork, Kampfar, CLIENTS, ORM, Ihsahn, m.fl.
Hexis, Telos, TRWLR
Slag-Town Slays: Julesmadder: Hexis, CLIENTS, Fordærv, Rot Away Aflyst
All Gallows Eve 2020: Hexis, LLNN, Eyes, CLIENTS
Hexis, Throwe, Terminalist, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
Hexis, Throwe, Terminalist, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
ILTER Warm Up 2020: Hexis, Rot Away, Extended Suicide, Husligt Arbejde Aflyst
- Royal Metal Fest 2020: Soilwork, Wayward Dawn, ORM, Kampfar, Uada, m.fl. Aflyst
Hexis, Throwe, Terminalist, A Crow's Murder Aflyst
Pest over Provinsen II: Hexis, Xenoblight, Servants of the Horde Aflyst
Hexis, Eyes, Rot Away, Regarding Ambiguity
Hexis, Dustdrome
Thou, Moloch, Hexis, The Arson Project
- A Colossal Weekend 2019: Built to Spill, Cartographs, Into Orbit, We Are Among Storms, Her Name is Calla, m.fl.
Hexis, LLNN, We Are Among Storms
Hexis, Arv
Hexis, Deus Otiosus
Hexis, TRWLR, Foreshadower, We Are Among Storms
Hexis, Demersal
Hexis, Demersal
Hexis, Demersal
Hexis, DRÅP, Cauterizer
Hexis, Départe, JustinHate, Hiraki
Hexis, Départe, JustinHate, Mill
Hexis, Konvent, Telos, Nordsind
Hexis, Ordeal, Lifesick
Grieved, Hexis, Cabal
Hexis, Déluge , Soul Grip, Woes
This Gift Is A Curse, Hexis
- Hexis, LLNN, Blood Snorter, Czar, JustinHate, Filthy Element, Dj Sort Hest, Halshug, Diagnosis? Bastard!, Ruined, Piss Vortex, Kluster Fuck, Direct Youth, Extended Suicide
Rosetta, Hexis, Redwood Hill
Hexis, Kollapse
Primitive Man, Hexis
When Copenhell Freezes Over 2015: Fossils, Hexis, Förtress, Deus Otiosus, Night Fever, m.fl.


Interview med Filip Andersen fra Hexis

Vi fik os en snak med Danmarks måske mest travle band Hexis om deres meget ambitiøse turné i 2019, GoFundMe-kampagner og at headline Pest