Tainted Lady


Tainted Lady - Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War

Fremragende! Tainted Lady manifesterer sig som et af landets bedste rocknavne


Tainted Lady - How The Mighty Have Fallen

Debuterende megatalenter viser potentiale, men gaber desværre over for meget


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Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Tainted Lady Aflyst
Prime is Coming 2020: MØL, The Interbeing, Aphyxion, Tainted Lady, Cartographs, m.fl.
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Prime is Coming 2020: MØL, The Interbeing, Aphyxion, Tainted Lady, Cartographs, m.fl.
Prime is Coming 2020 Part II: MØL, Aphyxion, Cartographs, Tainted Lady
Tainted Lady, Vulture Vibe
Tainted Lady, Shred, Vintage Valley
- Raise Your Horns 2019: Blood Red Throne, Livløs, ORM, Ghost Iris, Silent Fracture, m.fl.
- Metal Magic Festival 2019: Chevalier, Deiquisitor, Medieval Steel, Black Oath, Vulture, m.fl.
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- Nordic Noise 2019: Candlemass, Electric Boys, Junkyard Drive, The Night Flight Orchestra, Tygers of Pan Tang, m.fl.
Tainted Lady, Superloader
Tainted Lady, Boys From Heaven
When Copenhell Freezes Over 2019: Xenoblight, Alkymist, Cold Night for Alligators, Sunless Dawn, (0), m.fl.
Nyt Blod Vol. 10: Halcyon Hope, Tainted Lady, Mawic
Pretty Maids, Tainted Lady
Tainted Lady, Blended Brew, Road To Jerusalem, Lucer
Give Festival 2018: Junkyard Drive, Tainted Lady, Lucer, Statement, Seizing Blackwater, m.fl.
- Copenhell 2018: Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains, Deftones, Helloween, Nightwish, m.fl.
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Håstival 2018: Nord, Tainted Lady
- Nordic Noise 2018: Blitzkrieg, Dream Evil, Tainted Lady, Transport League, Pectora, m.fl.
Sons Of Death Valley, Dirt Forge, Tainted Lady
Tainted Lady, Road To Jerusalem
Junkyard Drive, Jack in the Middle, Tainted Lady
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Junkyard Drive, Tainted Lady, Lucer
Tainted Lady, Mak'Vaerk
Love Gun's XLII Bday Bash!: Skullclub, Tainted Lady
Black Oak County, Junkyard Drive, Tainted Lady
- Metal Magic Festival 2016: Uli Jon Roth, Manilla Road, In The Woods, Destroyer 666, Denial Of God, m.fl.