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Lisa Kjærs anmeldelser

Dato Artist Titel Karakter
Voodoo Six Make Way For The King 3/10
Portrait Burn The World 8/10
Warrant Louder Harder Faster 7/10
Cut Up Wherever They May Rot 3/10
Kobra And The Lotus Prevail I 7/10
Deathless Legacy Dance With Devils 2/10
Dragonforce Reaching into Infinity 9/10
Skyclad Forward into the Past 9/10
Harlott Extinction 9/10
Obituary Obituary 9/10
Sinister Syncretism 9/10
BloodBound War Of Dragons 5/10
Immolation Atonement 9/10
Kreator Gods Of Violence 9/10
Ghost of Mary Oblivaeon 8/10
Words of Farewell A Quiet World 5/10
Nightmare Dead Sun 7/10
Fake Idols Witness 7/10

Gennemsnitskarakter for Lisa Kjær: 6,9

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