Wasted - The Haunted House

Forbedringer med forbehold


Wasted - Electrified

Unødvendig genbrug fra den danske undergrund


Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Skullclub, The NimbWits, Wasted Aflyst
Ross The Boss, AnoxiA, Wasted Aflyst
- Sommerforestilling 2021: Terrorpy, PowWow of Disorder, Wasted, Killing, Galge, m.fl.
Artillery, Manticora, Wasted
Artillery, Manticora, Wasted Aflyst
Wasted, Skullclub Aflyst
Wasted, Spitanger Aflyst
Wasted, Lipid, Evil
Killing, Lipid, Wasted Aflyst
- Tornvang Open Air 2019: Killing, Iron Fire, Lipid, WORLD WAR 5, Wasted, m.fl.
- Dark Mental Festival 2019: Sarkrista, Khroma, Wasted, Wayward Dawn, Revenge Prevails, m.fl.
Cosmic Blackburst, Wasted
- Viborg Metal Festival 2019: Manticora, Loch Vostok, Pestilence, Mgła, Killing, m.fl.
Impalers, Wasted
Wasted, Steel Inferno, Cult of the Fox
Defecto, Wasted
Defecto, Wasted
Defecto, Wasted
- Metal Magic Festival 2017: Nifelheim, Tribulation, Absu, Diamond Head, Quartz, m.fl.
Theory, Downfall, Wasted
- Heavy Agger Metal Festival 2017: Bömbers, Them, Evil Invaders, Witch Cross, Soulburn, m.fl.
Turbocharged, Wasted
Wasted, Evil Masquerade
Slough Feg, Wasted
Artillery, Wasted, Caro
Heavy Agger All-Day Metal 2015: Crocell, Deus Otiosus, Impalers, Wasted, CinKaiD, m.fl.
Czar, Metal Cross, Prevail, The Kandidate, Wasted
Chainfist, Wasted, Release Maltese Falcon