Vesterbrogade 10
8800 Viborg


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Dato Koncert
Red Warszawa
- Viborg Metal Festival 2019: Manticora, Loch Vostok, Pestilence, Mgła, Killing, Defacing God, Primordial, Bleeding Gods, Vanir, Wasted, Ghost Iris, Saturnus

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Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
- Viborg Metal Festival: Blood Red Throne, Morgoth, Infernal War, Artillery, Iron Fire, King of Asgard, SVRL, Chronicle, Embryo, Seed of Heresy, Altar of Oblivion, Livløs, Beneath The Silence
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Julepunk 2018: Skullclub, Psycho Brahe, Havlyd
Bersærk, Denial Of God
Blunt, Psycho Brahe
- Viborg Metal Festival 2018: Mother of All, Iniquity, Afsky, The Petulant, Advocacy, Slægt, Grave, Olm, Death To Seattle, Voidhanger, Apocalypse Orchestra, The Vision Ablaze, Crocell
Mike Tramp
Red Warszawa
Bound By Wire, Thunderborg, Skin Tuxedo
- Viborg Metal Festival: Vader, Illdisposed, Dew-Scented, Caro, Bersærk, Savage Machine, Final Hour, Earn Your Scars, Act Of Cohesion, Grimner, Lipid, Horned Almighty, Satanic Assault Division, The World State
Viborg Metal Festival 2015: Unearth, Crocell, Chainfist, Hate, Vallis Mortem, Prevail, Anubis Gate, 9000 John Doe
Statement, Killerherz, Lady-Like
Blood Label
Viborg Metal Festival: Dawn of Demise, Malrun, Corpus Mortale...: Malrun, Corpus Mortale, Vanir, Ferocity, Deus Otiosus, Beyond the 9th, Velociter , Against the Hollow
Ironguard, Against the Hollow
Artillery, Against the Hollow
Contrition, Wecanwalkonwatertoo
Black City - Paletten - 16. marts 2013
Red Warszawa
Mercenary, Submission
Julepunk: Dust Bugs, Hajer & Bass - Paletten - 26. december 2008
Red Warszawa
As We Fight, Mugshot, Afskum
Afskum, Nothing Less, 100 Knives Inside
HateSphere, Dawn Of Demise
Melted, Stomped