Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
- Winter Metal Magic 2022: Sodom, At The Gates, Witch Cross, Undergang, The Rite, m.fl.
Unearthed Morbidity Day 1: Mephitic Corpse, Miasmatic Necrosis, Septage, Undergang
Undergang, Deiquisitor, Phrenelith
- Winter Metal Magic: Enslaved, At The Gates, Undergang, Sodom, Dødheimsgard, m.fl. Aflyst
Mini Winter Magic 2022: Artillery, Undergang, SPEkTR, Arkæon
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 13: Undergang, Discipel
- Aalborg Metal Festival 2021: Mercenary, Illdisposed, Konkhra, VOLA, Cabal, m.fl.
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 12: Corpsessed, Galvanizer, Undergang
- Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 10: Strychnos, Phrenelith, Undergang, Dead Void, Septage
Undergang, Septage Aflyst
Undergang, Dead Void, Septage
Ekstremt Rådden Dødsmetal: Undergang, Strychnos, Deiquisitor, Chaotian, Kampvogn
- Aalborg Metal Festival 2020: As I Lay Dying, Dying Fetus, After The Burial, Belphegor, Elder, m.fl. Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 6: Undergang, Chaotian, Ascendency (DK)
- Copenhagen Metal Fest 2020: Saturnus, Aphyxion, Iotunn, Deadnate, Hearteater, m.fl. Aflyst
- Unearthed Morbidity 2020: Deiquisitor, Taphos, Undergang Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 5.2: Undergang, Deiquisitor
Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol. 6: Undergang, Chaotian, Ascendency (DK) Aflyst
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 5: Dead Congregation, Undergang, Taphos, Deiquisitor
Undergang, Phrenelith, Ascendency
Skrækfest 2019: Undergang, Arsenic Addict, Secondface
Extremely Rotten Death Metal vol. 2: Convulse, Undergang, Cadaveric Incubator, Chaotian
- Kill-Town Death Fest VI - The Resurrection: Demilich, Blood Incantation, Hooded Menace, Necrot, Pissgrave, m.fl.
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Killtown Deathfest Warm Up 2018: Coffins, Undergang, Bastard Grave, Ultra Silvam
Undergang, Phrenelith, Deiquisitor, Taphos, Black Tritonus
Funebrarum, Phrenelith, Undergang, Taphos
Bastard Grave, Undergang, Cryptic Brood, Taphos
StarGazer, Undergang, Deiquisitor
Nominon, Cardiac Arrest, Undergang
Burial Invocation, Undergang
Dead Congregation, Zom, Undergang