Death Rides a Horse


Death Rides a Horse - Tree of Woe [ep]


Death Rides a Horse - Death Rides a Horse (Demo)


Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Spaceslug, Death Rides a Horse, CB3
Mono Goes Metal/Understrøm PART 2: BAEST, Horned Almighty, Woebegone Obscured, Diabolus Incarnate, Unseen Faith, m.fl.
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- Nifelheim, Tribulation, Absu, Diamond Head, Quartz, Artillery, Beheaded, Attic, Witch Cross, Venefixion, Childrenn, Assassins Blade, Wasted, Lipid, Turbocharged, Hellsodomy, Silhouette, Death Rides a Horse, Steel Inferno, Engulfed, Vomit Angel, Ligfærd, Hadron, The Tombless, Scent Of Pain, ORM
- Mono Goes Metal Festival 2016: Death Rides a Horse, Cor Vacante, Expatriated, Beyond the 9th, Seed of Heresy, m.fl.
Witch Cross, Death Rides a Horse
Denial Of God, Death Rides a Horse
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AnoxiA, Death Rides a Horse Lions & Barrels
- Metal Magic Festival 2011: Nifelheim, Gehennah, Panzerchrist, Glorior Belli , Procession, m.fl.
Griftegård, Death Rides a Horse, Procession Stengade
Electric Hellride, Trusted Few, Death Rides a Horse, Symbolic, Impalers, Haltefanden