The Rock

Skindergade 45-47
1159 København K


Anmeldte arrangementer

Dato Koncert Anmeldelse
Evile, Warbringer
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Kataklysm, Belphegor, Suicidal Angels
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Brainstorm, Primal Fear
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Hail - The Rock - 7. september 2009
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Raunchy, Nembience, Mudslide
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HateSphere, Artas, SIC
Læs anmeldelse
Sonic Syndicate, Deathstars
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Destruction, Debauchery
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Illdisposed, Palt
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Forbidden, Konkhra
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Napalm Death, Suffocation, Warbringer
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Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth
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Manticora, Jon Oliva's Pain, Masterstroke
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Brainstorm, Pagan's Mind
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Slow Death Factory, PitchBlack, The Cleansing
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Kataklysm, Behemoth, Aborted, Lyfthrasyr
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W.A.S.P., Triosphere
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Jon Oliva's Pain, Nostradameus, Dionysus
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Tankard, Zenith
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Ayreon, Stream Of Passion
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Magnum, Starrats
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Manticora, Circus Maximus
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Tidligere arrangementer

Dato Koncert
Iced Earth
We Came As Romans
Orphaned Land, Myrath, Arkan
Endstille, Blodarv
Aborted, Decapitated
The Cleansing, Spectral Mortuary
Dead By April - The Rock - 28. oktober 2011
Taake, Byfrost
Exhumed, Cephalic Carnage
Denmark Rock Festival 2011: Leprous, Malrun, Kingcrow, Redemption, Loch Vostok, Manticora, Andromeda, Divided Multitude, Persefone, Urban Primate
Denmark Rock Festival: Manticora, Andromeda, Divided...: Andromeda, Divided Multitude, Persefone, Urban Primate
LA Guns - The Rock - 25. september 2011
Artillery, Mercenary
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Sepultura, Sworn Enemy
The Monolith Deathcult (NL), Atrum (ICE), Darknote (ICE), The... - The Rock - 30. juli 2011
Sick Of It All
The 69 Eyes, Hardcore Superstar
The Haunted
Obituary, Grave
Bonded by Blood, Lazarus A.D.
Devin Townsend Project - The Rock - 15. marts 2011
Star*Rats, Tracy Gang Pussy - The Rock - 12. februar 2011
Napalm Death
Iron Fire
Invisius, HateSphere
Red Warszawa
Manticora, Divided Multitude
Sonic Syndicate
Pain Of Salvation
Mordax, Invisius, Aphyxion
Marduk, Ragnarok, Valkyrja
Deicide, Dawn Of Demise Aflyst
Six Feet Under, Illdisposed, Master
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Despised Icon, Winds Of Plague
Levitation, Aphyxion
Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Origin, Revocation, Man Must Die
AnoxiA, Unbelief
Paul Di'Anno
Evil Masquerade
New Keepers of the Water Towers, Plöw, VOLA
Iron Fire, Illnath
Impalers, Phantomizer
One Without - The Rock - 20. februar 2010
W:O:A Metalbattle 2010 - The Rock - 13. februar 2010
A Plea For Purging , War From Harlots Mouth, War From A Harlots Mouth
Svartsot, Huldre
Fate, Forcentury
Baroness, Rising
The 69 Eyes
Fatal Smile, Karma Cowboys
Vain, Markonee
Trail Of Tears, Gothminister
Paradise Lost
New Model Army
Five Finger Death Punch
Starrats, Club Hell
Grailknights, Zandella - The Rock - 12. november 2009
As We Fight
Tracy Gang Pussy - The Rock - 26. oktober 2009
Absu, Razor of Occam
Clonecircle, Boil
Hate, Blood Red Throne
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Evergrey, Chaoswave, Compos Mentis
The Psyke Project, The Burning
Anubis Gate, Leprous
Secrets Of The Moon, Code, Sólstafir
Kingdom Come, Badmouth - The Rock - 17. september 2009
Electric Hellride, Trusted Few, Death Rides a Horse, Symbolic, Impalers, Haltefanden
Uriah Heep
Death Before Dishonor, Earn Your Scar, Spinkick - The Rock - 5. september 2009
The Callgirls, Stars Burn Stripes, The National Shutup - The Rock - 20. august 2009
The Crüxshadows, United - The Rock - 17. august 2009
Corpus Mortale, Spectral Mortuary, Disintegrated
Inimical, By the Patient
Agent Steel, Whelm
The Red Chord
Nano, Capricorn
Stereoattack, Ciccone Ritchie, Alphapistole - The Rock - 7. august 2009
Decay Of Apathy, Rotting Hope, A Sheltering Sky - The Rock - 6. august 2009
Sutrapumo, Hatebanger
Agnostic Front, The Hitchcocks
Rocknophobia, Murduck - The Rock - 25. juli 2009
The Revolt Of Darwin, Green River Killer - The Rock - 24. juli 2009
Why Anonymous, my Dying Day, Torn - The Rock - 17. juli 2009
Napalm Death, Warbringer, A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light
The Interbeing, TesseracT, Levitation
Rammstein Jam - The Rock - 15. maj 2009
Rebound Rubies - The Rock - 9. maj 2009
Manticora, Circle II Circle
Týr, Alestorm, Heidevolk
Horror Night - The Rock - 4. april 2009
Red Warszawa
Red Warszawa
Pranksters, Wild Wax Combo - The Rock - 28. marts 2009
Pure Reason Revolution
Blaze, Ripe
Artillery, Switchblade
Unleashed, Belphegor, Devian, Diabolical
Mercenary, Submission
The Dreams - The Rock - 5. marts 2009
Black Cat: Feindflug - The Rock - 1. marts 2009
Metallica Jam - The Rock - 28. februar 2009
Exilia, God Forbid, Ill Niño
Syron Vanes, Stonelake
Puppet Arms
Rammstein Jam - The Rock - 13. februar 2009
Queen Anne Chair, Stereoattack, Betty Noir - The Rock - 7. februar 2009
Dawn Of Demise, Corpus Mortale, Inimical
Nembience, Levitation
Pranksters, Wil Wax Combo - The Rock - 31. januar 2009
PitchBlack, Kolera
Ringworm, A Traitor Like Judas
Chainfist, Lauren Harris
Megalomania 999, Memorial, Downswitch, Hatred Conspiracy
Motorjesus, Supercharger
Illnath, Fairytale Abuse, Compos Mentis
Fainting Pace - The Rock - 27. december 2008
Zahrim, Ctulu - The Rock - 26. december 2008
Rebound Rubies, Smæk - The Rock - 20. december 2008
Exmortem, Thorium
Red Warszawa
Lanfear, Mekong Delta, Deadsoul Tribe, Pain Of Salvation
Nostradameus, Secret Sphere, Wuthering Heights, Pagan's Mind, Vanden Plas
Vader, Grave, Zonaria
Rammstein Jam, Support - The Rock - 25. oktober 2008
Mudslide, August Burns Red
Blodarv, Vardlokkur
Memorial, Nocturnus
Ava Inferi
Crazy Lixx
Ragnarök’s Aaskereia Festival Tour 2008: Týr, Hollenthon,...: Svartsot, Alestorm, Hollenthon, Týr
Alestorm, Svartsot, Hollenthon, Týr
Rock The Night - The Rock - 26. september 2008
Essence, Threadfin
Textures, Vira, Scarred by Beauty
Gob Squad
Astral Doors
Mustasch, Supercharger
The revolt of Darwin, Escaping Autumn, A Love You - The Rock - 30. august 2008
Mnemic, Vira
Rebound Rubies, Relic Fuzz, Betty Noir - The Rock - 23. august 2008
Exodus, 3 Inches Of Blood
Napalm Death, Suffocation, Warbringer
Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth
SicKnum, M.N.A., Chineese Letterbox - The Rock - 31. maj 2008
Zenith, Deadicated, Downswitch
Týr, SIC
The Haunted, Slow Death Factory
HateSphere, Mugshot
Burning Skies
Gore Gore Girls - The Rock - 1. maj 2008
Jon Olivas Pain - The Rock - 26. april 2008
Zodiac Mindwarp, Starrats, Supercharger
Ill Niño
Watain, Obscurity
Turisas, Heidra
Rage, Edenbridge
Artillery, Hideous Invasion
Hardcore Superstar, Starrats
Paul Di'Anno, Vault Attack
Thorium, Vicious Art, Spectral Mortuary
Deadicated, Zenith, Deadicated, Deathfall
Blodarv, Vardlokkur
Great White, Hasty Haze - The Rock - 25. januar 2008
The Burning
Ravne Sort
Nembience, Heidra
Rock The Night - The Rock - 31. december 2007
Hævy Henning præsenterer: Fainting Pace, The Unaffected - The Rock - 27. december 2007
Machine Head
Paul Di'Anno
Gob Squad
Carnivore, Raging Speedhorn
Iron Fire
Rock The Night - The Rock - 23. november 2007
Soreasiz, Pyroman, Misterioso - The Rock - 22. november 2007
Memfis, End My Sorrow
Primal Fear, U.D.O.
Orphaned Land, Firewind, Andromeda, Machine Men, Darkane, Eldritch
- Progpower Scandinavia 2007: Mercenary, Threshold, Circus Maximus, Spheric Universe Experience
Black Metal Night: Ulm, Lupus, Mzorax, Cardlokkur, Holmgang - The Rock - 27. oktober 2007
Manticora, Pinchbeck
Surfact, Starfish - The Rock - 25. oktober 2007
Astral Doors, Secret Sphere
Y & T, Bonafide
Rammstein Jam - The Rock - 13. oktober 2007
Black Succubi, Ripe
Pilgrimz, By Night
Switchblade, Sister
Chaoswave, Compos Mentis, Zenith
King Diamond Jam, AC/DC Jam, Whitesnake Jam, Iron Maiden Jam,... - The Rock - 22. september 2007
Rock No Fobia - The Rock - 21. september 2007
Palt, Blindfault
Rebound Rubies, Innocent Blood - The Rock - 15. september 2007
Coclear, Wolf Lies Down - The Rock - 14. september 2007
Horna, Blacklodge
Dark Tranquillity, Sonic Syndicate
Metallica Jam - The Rock - 7. september 2007
Martie Peters Group, Mudbox - The Rock - 6. september 2007
Candlemass, Saturnus
Struggle Against
Illnath, Indoctrination
The Downward Candidate
Victimizer, Crucifix
Sonic Syndicate, Nembience
Red Warszawa
Lipid, Sizewear
AnoxiA, Memorial, Onslaught
Paul Gilbert
Iron Fire, Kamelot
Krisiun, Grave, Immolation, Dawn Of Azazel
Leaves' Eyes, Nightlight
The Sword, Clutch
The State
Drab, Ulm
Deathstars, Mortiis
Metallica Jam, Crafted - The Rock - 20. april 2007
Cornerstone, Switchblade
Zenith, Nembience
Soreazis, Jantefax - The Rock - 7. april 2007
Merauder, Enemy Ground - The Rock - 5. april 2007
Moonlight Agony, Loch Vostok
Slayer Jam, Paradise Lost Jam - The Rock - 30. marts 2007
Switchblade, Innocent Rosie
Mystic Circle, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ Aflyst
Cannibal Corpse
Barcode, Psy:code
ESP (Eric Singer of KISS), Martie Peters Group - The Rock - 16. marts 2007
Hate, Decapitated, Phazm, Blindead Aflyst
Rotting Christ, Rotten Sound, Malevolent Creation
Black Uhuru - The Rock - 11. marts 2007
Pain Of Salvation
Highway Child - The Rock - 9. marts 2007
Thunder Aflyst
Skambankt - The Rock - 3. marts 2007
Starrats, Club Hell
Anubia, Crafted, KoLeN - The Rock - 1. marts 2007
As We Fight
Royal Hunt
Metalstone Metal Festival: Switchblade, Pitchblack, Soil,...: Urkraft, Gorefest, Panic Cell, SOiL, PitchBlack, Switchblade
Metalstone Metal Festival: Mudslide, Mercenary, GobSquad,...: Black Succubi, Gob Squad, Melted, The Downward Candidate, Mercenary, Vira, Mudslide
Draconian, Whelm, End My Sorrow
Puto Diablo, Velvet8ball, Escaping Autum, Sjael - The Rock - 12. januar 2007
Mindmare, Hefty Menneske, Numbnuts
Madison Flynt, Capricorn
Switchblade, The Pickup
Drab, Ravne Sort, Vardlokkur
Deranged, Thorium, Spectral Mortuary
Rammstein Jam, Excluded - The Rock - 9. december 2006
Dr. Spock, Croisztans
Black Succubi, Ripe
Press Play On Tape, Bed Of Onion - The Rock - 2. december 2006
Epicenter, Process
Satyricon, Sahg
Urkraft, Mudslide, Crossfall
7 Inch Rockers, Waiting For Leisure, Pranksters, Pinchbench - The Rock - 23. november 2006
Paul Di'Anno
Evergrey, Awake
Vader, Nightrage, Bloodthorn
Deadicated, Zenith, Hefty Menneske, Club Hell, Nightlight
Sacrificial, The Arcane Order, Submission
Koldborn, Vira
Firewind, Iron Fire, Dragonforce
Anathema, Saturnus
Krokus, AnoxiA
Jamfestival: Metallica (Whiplazh), Ozzy J., AC/DC, Red H ChP....: Whiplash
Illnath, Nailed
Illdisposed, Svartsot
The Downward Candidate, Raunchy, Gob Squad
PitchBlack, Clonecircle, Mercenary
Communic, Scar Symmetry
Six Reasons to Kill
HateSphere, Dawn Of Demise, Mevadio
Lipid, Palt, Nembience
Mnemic, Blow
Aborted, Cryptopsy, Vesania
Denial Of God, Ad Noctum, Strychnos
Omen, Phantom X, Hyades
Manticora, Andromeda
Metallica Jam - The Rock - 26. august 2006
Jamfestival: Whitesnake, Evanescence (Serpent Eye), System Of...: System of a Down
7 Inch Rockers, Jutta Lane, SlingShotSuck - The Rock - 11. august 2006
Sons Of Tomorrow Aflyst
Tr3ple P, Mudslide, Vira, Scarred by Beauty
Sick Of It All
Horned Almighty
The Royal Pets, Sense, A band on Earth - The Rock - 3. august 2006
Compos Mentis, Drab
Megalomania 999, MCIP, Blinded By Fear
Expendables, Torn, The Grim Fighting Heroes - The Rock - 22. juli 2006
Powderhog, The Black Antipodes, Blackstone - The Rock - 21. juli 2006
Stray Babies, Medicine Of Life, The Hors D'oeuvres - The Rock - 20. juli 2006
Fast Gallows
Nothing Less, Struggle Against
The Columbia, Dreamjockey, Highway Child, Deaf n Dumb - The Rock - 13. juli 2006
Planet Of Sound, Volvoe, Sozoome - The Rock - 7. juli 2006
Inimical, Nano, S.D.I.D.
Loch Vostok, Pyramaze, Stress Factor 9
Madison Flynt
Fatal Smile
Mudbux - The Rock - 15. juni 2006
DevilDriver, Memorial
Metal Church, Victory
Michael Schenker Group
Trendkill, Insense
Gun Barrel, Eternal Reign, Tragedian, 7thorns
From Behind, Merrygold - The Rock - 2. juni 2006
Astral Doors, Communic, Starrats
Black Succubi, AnoxiA
Langs´y:ne, The State
Jamfestival: Motörhead Jam, Paradise Lost Jam, DAD Jam, Guns...: Jamfestival: Motörhead Jam, Paradise Lost Jam, DAD Jam, Guns...
End My Sorrow, downEdge, Hefty Menneske
Club Hell
Himsa, The Banner
Marduk, Necrodeath
Maroon, Dismember, Blindfault
Prostitute Disfigurement, Cannibal Corpse, Aeon
Macabre, 3
Psycroptic, Belphegor, Hate Eternal Aflyst
Blow, Twelvestep
Corpus Mortale, S.D.I.D., Fiji
Slow Death Factory, Downlord, Bolt Thrower
Battle Of Islands: Jylland (Muzl, Break Even, Expendables) vs... - The Rock - 8. april 2006
Hurtlocker, Vesania, Cryptopsy Aflyst
Theatre Of Tragedy, Gothminister
Mudslide, Submission, Archain
Crimson Moonlight, Drottnar
Descensus, Nembience
Vegas Vampire, Left Hand Charity, Martie Peters Group - The Rock - 9. marts 2006
Clawfinger, Treekillaz
Vesania, Aborted, Cryptopsy Aflyst
KODE, Zenith
Psy:code, NAFT, Rageborne
Dying Day, Mindmare, AnoxiA, Third Eye, Symbolic, Mugshot
Paul Di'Anno
Red Warszawa
Sizewear, Stormslag, Methonia
Corpus Mortale, Archain
Terror, Donnybrook
Gehenna, Nocturnal Damnation
Vira, Blow, Sickseed
Dave Evans (ex-AC/DC), Endangered Species - The Rock - 16. december 2005
Rammstein Jam, AC/DC Jam - The Rock - 15. december 2005
Sonic Syndicate
Strychnos, Victimizer
Union, Martie Peters Group - The Rock - 1. december 2005
Sacrificial, Mudslide, Avatar
Uli Jon Roth
Pranksters, The Zero Point, Powergrill - The Rock - 17. november 2005
Blood Red Throne, Akercocke, Mortician
Anvil, 7thorns, Phantom X
Engel, Hellfueled, Twelvestep, Club Hell
downEdge, Palt, Whelm
Malmö Rocks The Rock: Virgin Sin, Mobil Mob Freakshow,... - The Rock - 28. oktober 2005
We, Daytona Motel, Inspiteofme - The Rock - 27. oktober 2005
Urkraft, Volbeat, Vomitory, Slow Death Factory, Anubis Gate
Spock's Beard
Tr3ple P
Decapitated, Gorerotted, Detonation, Dam
Vader, Rotting Christ, Anorexia Nervosa, Lost Soul
Koldborn, Jackalope, Adversary, Fairytale Abuse
Marco Mendoza, The New Brand - The Rock - 19. september 2005
Freak Kitchen, Starrats
Vira, Mudslide
Symbolic, Threadfin
Paul Di'Anno, Lipid, KinK
7thorns, Black Succubi
Mevadio, Memorial, Palt
Third Eye, AnoxiA, Symbolic
Kataklysm, Graveworm Aflyst
Blow, Fall From Grace, Twelvestep
Faith Industrius, Mudslide
Metal Church, Chris Caffery
Vixen - The Rock - 11. juni 2005
Overkill Aflyst
Napalm Death, Diecast, Most Precious Blood
Black Label Society
Chaoswave, Sworn, Mindlock
Soul Sirkus - The Rock - 26. maj 2005
Jerkstore, Compos Mentis
Melodic Meltdown, Stake My Claim
Bruce Dickinson
Clonecircle, Svartsot
Red Warszawa
KLoAK, When Midnight Kills
Paradise Lost, Society 1
E.S.P. (Eric Singer Project) - The Rock - 28. april 2005
Brainstorm, At Vance, Manticora
The Gates Of Slumber
Finntroll, Naglfar, Amoral
God Dethroned, Anorexia Nervosa
Evergrey, Mercenary
Sunn 0))), Muzl - The Rock - 24. marts 2005
Morbid Angel, Necrophagist, HateSphere
Blindfault, Scamp
Diecast, Agnostic Front, Terror
Usipian, Exmortem, Horned Almighty
Aura Noir
Marduk, Endstille, Wykked Wytch
Stuck Mojo, The More I See, Koroded
Grave Digger, Astral Doors
Cornerstone, Evil Masquerade
Cataract, Deadsoil
Corpus Mortale, Visceral Bleeding
Mnemic, Scamp Aflyst
Visual Block
Raunchy, Volbeat, Urkraft
Marky Ramone
NFD (ex-Fields of the Nephilim) - The Rock - 19. januar 2005
Caliban, Complete
Carpathian Forest
Deicide, Urkraft Aflyst
Artillery, As We Fight
Rage, Deadsoul Tribe
Withering Surface Aflyst
Origin Blood - The Rock - 3. december 2004
Doro, Moonlight Agony
Samael, Dagoba
The Nomads - The Rock - 20. november 2004
Distant Thunder, Sworn
4LYN - The Rock - 18. november 2004
Michael Schenker Group
Six Feet Under
Deicide, Arkhon Infaustus Aflyst
Georgia Sattelites - The Rock - 11. november 2004
Sonata Arctica, Platitude
Bai Bang
Zenith, Mindmare, Blinded By Fear
Ironfire, Grimm - The Rock - 29. oktober 2004
Black Sabbath Tribute, Faith No More Jam - The Rock - 23. oktober 2004
Jerkstore og eXcm - The Rock - 22. oktober 2004
Tr3ple P
Sons Of Tomorrow
Mnemic, Scamp
Iron Savior, Manticora
Cannibal Corpse, Spawn of Possession
Åbningsfest: Metallica Jam - The Rock - 2. oktober 2004
Lipid, Sacrificial Aflyst
Gorgoroth, 1349
Raunchy, Volbeat, Urkraft Aflyst
Pretty Maids