Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Knocked Loose, Woes, DTHRNR, Eyes
This Gift Is A Curse, Telos, Woes, TRWLR, Foreshadower
Celeste, LLNN, Eyes, Woes
Cabal, Lifesick, Woes, DTHRNR, Nyt Liv
When COPENHELL Freezes Over 2017: Forever Still, Aphyxion, LLNN, , Defecto, m.fl.
Hexis, Déluge , Soul Grip, Woes
Graf Orlock , Ghostlimb, Painted Wolves, Woes
Woes, Northern Blues
The New Shit Showcase pt. III: The Hyle, Grusom, MØL, Woes, Cruelty’s Heart
By the Patient, Woes