Ny sang fra danske Urkraft

Ny sang fra danske Urkraft

Danske Urkraft har lagt en ny sang med titlen "The Power To Crucify" ud på deres MySpace side. Nummeret er fra deres kommende album "A Scornful Death".

Bandet har lagt følgende statement ud på deres MySpace blog:

"So we have decided to upload the first track from the album, "The Power to Crucify", which we think in most ways represents our latest throw-ups in metal and the album.

Some might agree and some disagree... When the album hit the streets you can tell us all about it.

We are still searching for a label to deal with. So far the conversations has been good, but nothing really usefull. We'll see and you'll be the first to know.

It has been extreemly difficult to pick out a track and let that track represent the album. The album contains more variation than our last efforts on E.C.S. and T.I.A. and it should of course be heard from start to end. But this it what you get fuckers. Take it or leave it... ;)

"The Power to Crucify" is mainly the only track which has been added a keyboard part, so don't get too used to it. The keyboard part is done by our old old keyboarder and good friend of Urkraft, Tommy, and we kept it at that.

Take a listen and feel free to come up with your most honest opinion... We need some feedback... Otherwise we just get old and fat....

Keep it metal...and tell your friends...


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