Danske Urkraft opløses og tilbyder gratis download af nyt album

Danske Urkraft opløses og tilbyder gratis download af nyt album

Danske Urkraft har lagt følgende statement ud på deres hjemmeside:

"After 13 years of death metal we have decided to pull the plug.

We would like to express our gratitude to fans and friends who have supported us throughout the years, bought the records, showed up at gigs or even shared the stage with us.

We have achieved a lot of the things we hoped for when we started the band: album releases, lots of gigs and tours, beers and booze, good friends, and much more. There have been plenty of ups and downs, and as many other bands, we have taken our share of beatings from the music industry... nothing comes for free, so thank you and fuck you! To everyone else... cheers!

To share with you our latest piece of work, we invite you all to download our 2008 full-length recording, "A Scornful Death", in MP3/CD quality. The record is the third from Urkraft and definitely our chief piece of work! Overall, we intended to make this album loud, angry and dirty, and we are quite satisfied with the result - so we hope you'll let it blow your speakers...

Apart from the drums, "A Scornful Death" was recorded under modest conditions and small expenses in our own studio, The Red Room. However, the record would probably not have unearthed without the help from the following people: Tue Madsen [The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Himsa, Hatesphere] (producrion of drum tracks, mix and master), our sound guy and friend Daniel "beast" (technical hotline and equipment support), Anders Lundemark [Konkhra] (who generously lent us his recording facilities while tracking drums) and Eg (for sharing his fancy piano). In addition, Mads Haarløv adds growls on tracks 5 and 8, while Tommy Neperus handles the keyboard on track 1. Thank you!"

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