Live In Holland DVD

Live In Holland DVD

Macabre udgiver deres første DVD "Live In Holland - True Tales of Slaughter and Slaying" som udkommer den 14. juli. DVD'en er optaget på "Murder Metal" touren den 26. august 2005 og indeholder:

01. Zodiac
02. Jack the Ripper
03. Serial Killer
04. The Wustenfeld Man Eater
05. Dog Guts
06. Fritz Haarman der Metzger
07. Coming to Chicago
08. The Vampire of Dusseldorf
09. Acid Bath Vampire
10. Ed Gein
11. Dr. Holmes
12. Fatal Foot Fetish
13. The Diary of Torture


14. Scrub A Dub Dub
15. Mary Bell
16. The Hitchhiker
17. Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea


* Behind the scenes and out and about with Corporate Death and Dennis The Menace
* Songs from Biebob, Vosselaar on the Dahmer tour

01. Dog Guts
02. Hitchhiker
03. Mary Bell
04. Drill Bit Lobotomy

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