Kataklysm lover os dødsmetal af den fineste slags på kommende album

Kataklysm på vej i studiet Kataklysm på vej i studiet

Dødsmetalbandet er på vej i studiet med en opfølger til »Waiting For The End To Come«

Det canadiske dødsmetalband Kataklysm er i studiet, for at optage afløser for »Waiting For The End To Come« fra 2013. Bandet er fuld af inspiration og køreplanen lyder på tre måneder i studiet. Producer Andy Sneap vil følge processen til dørs og albummet bliver kaldt: "Of Ghosts And Gods"

Bandet er yderst fortrøstningsfulde og stiller os i udsigt at der er noget helt særligt i vente:

This promises to be the album that will once and for all establish KATAKLYSM as one of the top pioneers of the genre!

The latest material will be touching on some new ground while maintaining the aggressive edge the band has always been known for. The chemistry with new drummer Oli Beaudoin is incredible, and the four horsemen promise some crushing new material coming your way. Death metal hymns are arriving!"

Andy Sneap har tidligere arbejdet sammen med Megadeth, Testament, Exodus og Amon Amarth. Hvis tidsplanen holder skulle der være et nyt album parat engang i løbet af sommeren 2015.

“There is no rest for the wicked as they say. KATAKLYSM has been full of inspiration and are in full determination mode lately; a rejuvenated band that is out to conquer the world with no sign of stopping! We’ve been secretly working hard on a monstrous new album, and will enter the studio next January to start tracking. The process will take three months to complete, with three different producers at the helm. Seasoned guitarist and longtime studio engineer J- F Dagenais will be tracking drums, guitars and bass, while traveling between Montreal and Texas. Vocalist Maurizio Iacono will be tracking vocals in Florida with producer Mark Lewis. The entire process will be mixed and mastered in the UK by legendary producer Andy Sneap”