Equilibrium: Albumdetaljer om bandets fjerde album

Equilibrium: Albumdetaljer om bandets fjerde album

Det tyske "Epic-Viking-Metal" band Equilibrium smider deres 4. album efter os om kort tid. Bandets grundlægger og ideskaber, guitaristen René Berthiaume, har brugt små fire år på at forfine albummet:Erdentempel

Om albummet fortæller René: “Things finally get going again! The new album is done and we can hardly wait to share it with the world.

The 12 titles are already a hint that it’s an extremely varied album. I have just listened to the album again, and I’ve never been so happy and excited after the completion of an album.

The album really includes every facet of Equilibrium. We are also very proud of the cover artwork of »Erdentempel«. Skadi has been listening to the record most intensely, started to draw and this is the outcome. She really managed to put the content of the album into a picture!

By the way, this time there is one song with English lyrics on the album. It is for all our fans who don’t speak German. So they can finally understand the lyircs while listening to it. The other songs are still in German, of course!

1. Ankunft
2. Was Lange Währt
3. Waldschrein
4. Karawane
5. Uns'rer Flöten Klang
6. Freiflug
7. Heavy Chill
8. Wirtshaus Gaudi
9. Stein Meiner Ahnen
10. Wellengang
11. Apokalypse
12. The Unknown Episode

„Erdentempel“ udkommer den 6. juni via Nuclear Blast!

På kildelinket findes Equilibrium: Waldschrein fra EP'en af samme navn.