Nyt udspil fra Cattle Decapitation

Nyt udspil fra Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation er klar med deres nye udspil “Karma.Bloody.Karma.", som kommer til at indeholde disse charmerende sangtitler:

  1. Intro
  2. Unintelligent Design
  3. Success Is…(Hanging By the Neck)
  4. One Thousand Times Decapitation
  5. The Carcass Derrick
  6. Total Gore
  7. Bereavement
  8. Suspended In Coprolite
  9. Alone At The Landfill
  10. Karma.Bloody.Karma.
  11. The New Dawn
  12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence

Bandet søger i øvrigt også ny trommeslager:

As of March, 2006 Michael Laughlin has left Cattle Decapitation for personal reasons. Unfortunately, this leaves us in the predicament of trying to fulfill our upcoming tour obligations without a drummer.

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