Syng og spil med Bloodbath

Syng og spil med Bloodbath

Svenske old school deathere Bloodbath søger efter en ny sanger. Derfor har de på deres hjemmeside skrevet et regelsæt op for hvad man skulle kunne for at kunne blive medlem hos dem hvis man lyster derefter.

"Rules For Applying:

1. Your vocals must be brutal but clear with essential articulation (we'll be judging harshly).

2. The mp3 of your vocals you want us to listen to can be whatever you like, but you MUST also be ready to perform a bloodbath song upon our request.

3. All various kinds of earlier experience is taken into consideration, but not a demand.

4. The level of ambition, passion and hunger for performing this kind of metal must be at 100%.

5. Keep in mind we're looking for a new frontman, someone able to work a large audience with charisma and skill. Hesitations? Then please step aside.

6. You must be able and willing to commit to touring.

7. Your age is 20+ years old.

"We can not guarantee a reply, but will consider and check all mails. Bare in mind, at the same time this audition is running, we're also actively searching among a few well known and not well known names on our own, so the outcome is pending.

"Do not contact us before reading the rules. Do NOT e-mail us mp3s. You must send a link to an mp3 hosted on your server."

To apply, send an e-mail to with the subect "BLOODBATH vocalist application."

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