Mnemic - Stream helt ny sang fra det kommende album

Mnemic - Stream helt ny sang fra det kommende album

"Diesel Uterus" er titlen på den nye sang fra danske Mnemic. Sangen er fra det kommende album "Sons Of The System", der udgives i Europa d. 15 januar via Nuclear Blast Records.
Albummet er indspillet delvist i Mnemic's eget studio og i Antfarms studio i Århus med producer Tue Madsen.

Bandet har også arbejdet sammen med electo legenderne Leæther Strip. Sammen har de arbejdet på en remix version af sangene "Orbiting" og "Sons Of The System". Begge remix vil blive brugt som bonus tracks.

Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie siger følgende om den nye sang:
"'Diesel Uterus' is probably one of the heaviest songs in terms of tuning. We still maintained the brutality but mixed it with some really beautiful melodies that can be heard in the chorus. The vocals had lot of room to unfold as heard in the chorus and throughout the song. It is mid-tempo pretty much all the way, and the middle part — or c-section, if you will — becomes rather progressive and more melodic than the chorus.

"The lyrics are about the way technology has changed our way of living. Everybody is dependent on digital devices, mobile phones, computers and especially the Internet. If we have Google Earth, what does the military have? Are we safe at all? And is abundance of information a good thing? Definitely good, if you know how to avoid the bad things. The main point is that we should adapt to technology in a correct and balanced way. In reality, we do waste a lot of time. An aspect of the Internet is that we end up watching the world most of the day through a screen. It is definitely a heavy topic that requires debate and a heavy song!"

"Sons Of The System" trackliste:

01. Sons Of The System
02. Diesel
03. Mnightmare
04. The Erasing
05. Climbing Towards Stars
06. March Of The Tripods
07. Fate
08. Hero(in)
09. Elongated Sporadic Bursts
10. Within
11. Orbiting

Bonus tracks:



12. Dreamjunkie
13. Orbiting (LEÆTHER STRIP Remix) (Europe exclusive + Japan)

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