Enforcer udgiver albumtrailer

Enforcer Enforcer

Det Svenske heavy metal band Enforcer har udsendt en albumtrailer forud for albummet »From Beyond«. Albummet udkommer den 27. februar via Nuclear Blast.

Hvad kan vi forvente os af »From Beyond«?

»From Beyond« is faster, heavier, louder, darker and more vicious all at the same time without losing a tiny bit of what ENFORCER stand for. A fist in the face of all current trends and a stake through the throat of modernity. Total metal!"


01. Destroyer
02. Undying Evil
03. From Beyond
04. One With Fire
05. Below The Slumber
06. Hungry They Will Come
07. The Banshee
08. Farewell
09. Hell Will Follow
10. Mask Of Red Death