Det døde øje

Det døde øje

The Haunted har nu sat udgivelsesdatoen for deres nye album "The Dead Eye". Albummet udkommer til Helloween eller nærmere den 31. oktober via Century Media Records.

Frontman Peter Dolving siger:
"I think we've managed to find an immense sound: the drums are clearer, heavier and less processed, and we've even got acoustic guitars, congas, strings and loads of weird noise manipulations going on. As far as the vocals go, I honestly didn't know I could even sing some of the stuff. I was nervous as fuck when I got down to Tue's studio, and felt like a complete rookie: 'Shit, how the hell am I going to live up to this.' Turns out all I had to do was keep running my miles and warm up like when we're on tour. You can look forward to an album we're proud as fuck of, and we're looking forward to seeing you all again as soon as we head out for tour. It'll be ugly as ever, I'm sure."

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Yes:D Endelig nyt fra the

Yes:D Endelig nyt fra the Haunted, jeg glæder mig fandeme!

El COlocho

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Bli'r årets album, ingen

Bli'r årets album, ingen tvilvl!!! \m/