The Crown har fået pladekontrakt i hus.

The Crown har fået pladekontrakt i hus.

Svenske The Crown har nu fået en "worldwide" pladekontrakt med Century Media Records.

Guitarist Marko Tervonen siger hertil: "We are happy as hell to turn a new page in The Crown's history book...and to pick up the journey with Century Media Records supporting us feels great. We can't wait to unleash Doomsday King upon you all!"

Jens Prueter fra pladeselskabet kommenterer: "Some of the very early Century Media signings have been Unleashed, Grave, Tiamat, Asphyx, Morgoth - the glory days of the first Death Metal wave. We are still in love with Death Metal and are more than proud to announce the signing of Swedish Death Metal legends The Crown. They haven't lost any aggression since the early 90's and are still a guarantee for some Death Metal Holocaust! In case of doubt, go to one of the summer festivals and hear some new songs live before the album's fall release. We will be there as well. Cheers!"

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