Bus nedbrud i Danmark

Bus nedbrud i Danmark

Aborted som har været på tour med Cryptopsy beklager aflysningen af gig'et i Malmö. Bandet skriver på deres officielle hjemmeside:

"Well, this tour has been quite the debacle. We had to cancel Malmo since the bus broke down in Denmark & we were stuck there the whole day which sucked ass. Luckily for the fans Cryptopsy did make it at the last minute, and apparently they tore it up! We apologise to the fans there waiting to see us, but we only found out last minute we wouldn't make it, sucks.... Secondly, Matty had some problems with his working situation so last minute we had to cancel our participation to the rest of the tour since he might have lost his job over this, our boys in Visceral Bleeding are taking over for the other dates & i'm sure they will do the killing in our stead ;) All you guys out there, no worries, we're planning a full offensive next year with the new album! Now its time to play Stockholm, see you guys there!"

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...og hvorfor er dette

...og hvorfor er dette relavant?

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