Agnostic Front lancerer limited edition guitar

Agnostic Front lancerer limited edition guitar

I samarbejde med ASG lancerer Agnostic Front en speciel jubilæumsguitarmodel med navnet "Stigma" opkaldt efter bandets guitarist gennem 30 år, Vinnie Stigma.

Agnostic Fronts sanger, Roger Miret udtaler: WI think the guitar is perfect for the working class musician endorsed by the ultimate working class band. The boots symbol has always been of the same character. Hardcore has been our life. Our dedication to this movement has been our passion. Our boots stomped the wayinto NYHC history. We are hoping [the guitar] brings the unique ‘Stigma’ character to those that rock it! It will also make an awesome 30th anniversary time-piece to the true Agnostic Front collectors!"

ASG skriver: "Agnostic Front shaped the music and the culture we love. They made it possible for little punks like us to pick up guitars and try to do something great. In our eyes, the ‘Stigma’ ASG is an instant classic and will be shredded proudly -- when it's not securely framed behind glass."

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