Seven Thorns


Seven Thorns - Symphony of Shadows

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Seven Thorns - Return To The Past


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Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Wintersun, Seven Thorns, Ethereal Kingdoms, Faanefjell
Pectora, Seven Thorns, Impalers
Seventh Wonder, Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns, Pectora
SLEM 2018: Livløs, Seven Thorns, X Teenage Rebels, Chronicle, Bethmoora
Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns, Kambrium
- Copenhell 2017: Slayer, System of a Down, Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Prophets Of Rage, m.fl.
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Harder's Juleheavy part 2: Hindufyma, Deus Otiosus, Prevail, Seven Thorns, Panofobia, m.fl.
Seven Thorns
- Mono Goes Metal 2015: Pet the Preacher, Iniquity, Huldre, All Trays For Venom, Seven Thorns, m.fl.
Anubis Gate, Black Succubi, Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns
Jofro Hema, Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns, Zero Illusions, Pinchbeck
Seven Thorns
Chainfist, Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns
Seven Thorns, Symbolic, NAFT