Night of the black attack 4.0


Koncerter og festivaler

Dato Koncert Spillested Anmeldelse
Bhaal Fest 1.1: Drukner, Gaia, Bethmoora
Gaia, Drukner
Slowjoint, Gaia, Drukner, From The Caves
Bethmoora, Slowjoint, Gaia
Slowjoint, Gaia
- Chrildren Of The Sun: Dead Witches, Mountain Witch, Dopelord, Greenleaf, IAmFire, m.fl.
Dirt Forge, Gaia, Cacus, Slowjoint
- Northern Discomfort: Bad Lvck Rides On Wheels, Bethmoora, Coltsblood, Dieselokkult, Dirt Forge, m.fl.
The New Shit Showcase vol. II: Gaia, Pataus, Serpents Lair, Crassus, Odonata, m.fl.
Gaia, Redwolves, Lewd Flesh