Mighty Music

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Der er 150 anmeldelser fra dette pladeselskab.

Demolizer - Thrashmageddon
Grumpynators - Still Alive
Freddy And The Phantoms - A Universe From Nothing
Withering Surface - Meet Your Maker
Blended Brew - Shove It Down
Chronicle - Demonology
Justify Rebellion - The Ends Justify the Means
Wayward Dawn - Haven of Lies
Denner's Inferno - In Amber
Ethereal Kingdoms - Hollow Mirror
Søren Andersen - Guilty Pleasures
Pectora - Untaken
Xaon - Solipsis
Black Oak County - Theatre Of The Mind
Meridian - Margin Of Error
Statement - Force Of Life
Ghost Ship Octavius - Delirium
Vanir - Allfather
Skullclub - Smækhugger
Blackdraft - The Quest
Seven Thorns - Symphony of Shadows
Faanefjell - Dovrefall
Tomb of Finland - Frozen Beneath
Gory Blister - 1991.Bloodstained
Junkyard Drive - Black Coffee
Project Evil - Project Evil
Annominus - The Architect
Edge of Ever - We Came With The Flood
Carrion - Time To Suffer
Shotgun Rodeo - By Hook Or By Crook
Black Swamp Water - Distant Thunder
Angel Heart - Angel Heart
Sandberg - Monster
Thorium - Blasphemy Awakes
Black Book Lodge - Steeple And Spire
Eleanor - Celestial Nocturne
Iron Angel - Hellbound
Marco Mendoza - Viva La Rock
Silver End - Spreading Fire
Force Majeure - The Rise Of Starlit Fires
Archange - Flashback
Damn Freaks - Damn Freaks
The Petulant - Dictum
Kickin Valentina - Imaginary Creatures
Tainted Lady - How The Mighty Have Fallen
Sea - The Grip Of Time
Sawthis - Babhell
Vicinity - Recurrence
Prime Creation - Prime Creation
Bite The Bullet - Can Be Anything