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Scream Arena - Scream Arena
Statement - Monsters
Black Book Lodge - Tûndra
Roarback - Echoes Of Pain
Blood Label - Skeletons
Ever Since - Bring Out the Gimp
Meridian - Metallurgy
Ithilien - From Ashes to the Frozen Land
Billy Boy In Poison - Watchers
Solekahn - Nightlights
Inbreeding Rednecks - Abnormal Life Portrayed
Helhorse - Oh Death
Plöw - No Highness Below The Crown
Mythery - The Awakening of the Beast
Psy:code - Cause And Neglect
Contrition - Reflections
Nebelkrähe - Lebensweisen
Empire Drowns - Bridges
Aventyr - Driven
Deathronic - Duality Chaos
Neurosis - Honor Found in Decay
No Sign of Life - Embrace Your Demons
Forcentury - Revelant
Electric Hellride - Hate.Control.Manipulate
Forgotten Souls - Sirius 12
Ruinside - The Hunt
Ripe - The Eloquence Of Silence
Enemynside - Whatever Comes
Siamese Fighting Fish - Breathe:See:Move
Vanir - Onwards Into Battle
Doppler - Apophenia: Type I Error
ALooP - Dead End/New Deal
Soulline - We Curse, We Trust
All Trays For Venom - Burned By Blackened Sun
Saint Rebel - The Battle Of Sinners & Saints
Malrun - The Empty Frame
Numbnuts - Smokey The Salmon And The Horny Mermaids Of Detention
New Discolour - Short Of Ink
The Interbeing - Edge of the Obscure
Scarred by Beauty - Sutra
SIC - Figthers They Bleed
Vanir - Særimners Kød
Helhorse - For Wolves And Vultures
PitchBlack - The Devilty
Siamese Fighting Fish - We Are The Sound
The New Low - Fall Empire
Invisius - The Spawn of Condemnation
Thorium - Feral Creation
Sludge - Lava
Panzerchrist - Himmelfartskommando