Queensrÿche på vej i studiet

Queensrÿche Queensrÿches

Queensrÿches Todd La Torre kan fortælle at bandet er på vej i studiet i næste måned for at indspille deres næste album. En opfølger til "Queensrÿche" som vi anmeldte til 8/10. Bandet har 15 numre parat, og iflg Todd La Torre skulle numrene være inspireret af Alice in Chains og deres vokalmelodier og tilsat mere prog metal. 

Queensrÿche har netop indgået forlig med bandets tidligere forsanger, Geoff Tate som ligeledes gjorde krav på navnet, Queensrÿche. Tate optræder nu under navnet Operation: Mindcrime. Opkaldt efter bandets mest succesfulde album. 

"We're still in the demo thing. We've got 15-plus songs that, most of them, are all there. We're doing pre-production right now. "I'm hopeful that we can start tracking next month. I was hoping we would be tracking by right now, but we're just not gonna rush. Our label, Century Media, they're awesome. Nobody's up our ass. It takes time. And this is the sophomore record with me in the band. That's a scary thing, because you can like the songs, but you don't know how it's gonna be perceived. The songs that we have right now are, I would say, melodic. There are some heavy tunes on there that are just, like, really rocking. Overall, I'm hopeful that, when it's all said and done, this record will have a really good drive, great melodic choruses, great guitar parts, very dynamic. A little more prog.

"I'm finding, as a songwriter, what my stylistic things are, musically. I love Alice In Chains harmonies. They always had these interesting harmonies in their music. And I always find myself, when I'm writing and I'm recording, doing new things, I kind of lean on those types of harmonies. So I'm finding out things about myself as a writer that I didn't know before. And so it's a lot of fun."