Nyt fra polske Decapitated!

Nyt fra polske Decapitated!

Polske Decapitated har nu kastet sig over indspilningen af deres kommende, sjette studiealbum, i Hertz Studio i Bialystok, Polen. Bandet offentliggør desuden, at trommeslager Michal Lysejko, der assisterede bandet på deres seneste tour, nu er fast medlem af bandet.

Guitarist Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka fortæller om de to nyheder: “We would like to share few news with you. First of all, we want to introduce you to DECAPITATED’s new drummer Michal Lysejko. Some of you had a chance to meet him already during the tour with LAMB OF GOD. Also, I want to say THANK YOU to the rest of the people who took a challenge and sent their video for an audition. “All of you know that we've been quite busy lately. We had some personal/personnel changes in the band and also we did the best tours we’ve ever had with MESHUGGAH, LAMB OF GOD, and CHILDREN OF BODOM. Since January of this year, we signed a worldwide management contract with Continental Concerts & Management. That's for sure a big step and opportunity for us and a big challenge. But I guess the most important news for most of you is that after almost nine years, we went back to Hertz Studio (albums: Nihility, The Negation, Organic Hallucinosis) to record the new album which will be released this year. We will inform you about details soon. Keep in touch!!"

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