Ny forsanger i Xandria

Ny forsanger i Xandria

08.02.09 annoncerede Xandria endelig deres nye forsanger(inde). Bandet udtaler:

"We all have waited long for this moment, and without putting you on the rack anymore we just introduce her to you now. The new Xandria singer's name is Kerstin Bischof.

Kerstin Bischof udtaler:

"Finally I can come out with it! I'm so excited about being Xandria's woman at the mic in the future! The guys and I are busy writing new songs and I love it! I can hardly wait entering the stage with them for the first time! In the first audition rehearsal I already felt that it just fit perfectly together - the songs rocked! Of course the guys were kind of held back at that time but when they told me a few weeks later they felt the same...
So here we are in the midst of tour preparations for the gigs in the Czech Republic and I'm so excited about rocking the set live! You had to wait a long time for the official announcement and I want to thank you all for your patience - there was some "stuff" to get rid of. But finally it's official and time to rock! I'm looking forward to seeing you all on tour!"

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Christian Ljørring


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Bliver spændende at hører om

Bliver spændende at hører om hun er lige så god som deres gamle sanger

Claus Ljørring

Claus Ljørring


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Ja Xandria har nu aldrig

Ja Xandria har nu aldrig rigtig sagt mig det helt store... sååå jaaa kan være det fanger mere nu med ny skråle abe

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